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  • A book is a good friend: Nikitin Dheer

    Fave list
    My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I like the book because it teaches man, of all ages, to not lose faith, keep dreaming and keep believing.

  • Dialogue with Guru

    The power of conviction
    n We should at least have the requisite viveka (wisdom) not to be mislead by others. We must possess the requisite inner strength to counter pressures from others. We must have the self-confidence to prove our discoveries as authentic. We must have the courage to fight against injustice. We must be perseverant enough to stick to our chosen ideal path. Struggle not escapism; hard work and vigour and not

  • Work-life balance: How to infuse joy in daily living

    Life coach, grooming and image consultant, Chhaya Momaya has perfected the art of mixing rigid deadlines while a range of personality-articulating pursuits. Here’s how she does it…

  • Why the humble calendar can never be replaced

    From today, the prices of veggies in the market will soar high. And you shall witness lesser crowd at the fish market than the usual on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. High prices of vegetables and less takers for fish, has got nothing to do with the ‘Formalin Scare’ prevailing in the neighboring State of Goa. According to the Hindu calendar we have today ventured into the holy month of Shravan (similar to

  • How to manage the middle child syndrome

    The middle child syndrome is not a clinical syndrome, it is a result of the birth order or discrepancy the child faces. It is the feeling of exclusion experienced by middle children, which occurs because the first child is more prone to receiving privileges and responsibilities while the youngest is more likely to receive indulgences. The middle child, left with no clear role in the family, can end up feeling lost. The

  • Shraddha Kapoor’s Ladakh travel tales

    Shraddha Kapoor shares travel tales with LIPIKA VARMA including the one about running out of instant bhel in Europe