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    Five things to keep in mind while assembling a computer

    Putting together your own machine helps increase efficiency, reduce price and keeps you better informed about computing in general. Krishna Bahirwani reveals what you need to know to avoid common mistakes from getting in your way. 

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    How to add neon to your wardrobe

    Neon shades have made a comeback with a bang. Sapna Sarfare finds the right way to wear the brighter shades with self-confidence.

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    Maati Baani: The Indie music band making waves

    Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah, founders of India’s very own indie music band Maati Baani, which means language of the Earth, work on collaborating with artists from rural areas, street musicians and top-class artists from around the world. As a music band, they combine elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of folk music and new age sounds, says Vibha Singh

  • The actual camp with the courtyard
where the prisoners were asked to
come out and stand for a roll call or
the officers would make them march
on the grounds. The buildings in the
back are the individual prison cells.

    The story of Dachau

    The camp at Dachau was the first of its kind, a prison on which Hitler later modelled all his concentration camps, say Roxanne Bamboat

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    Prateek Kuhad: Songs that make you sigh

    Prateek Kuhad’s songs have an otherworldly feel about them, music that demands to be felt and makes you sigh, writes Boshika Gupta

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    Playing games…for the betterment for the brain

    The first benefit of playing games is that it develops the spirit of excellence – the desire to perform better and better, writes Dr Shrirang Bakhle

    Also Read: Thinking- High speed & low speed

     It is highly enjoyable to watch kittens playing. When the kittens grow up and become stronger, bolder – and naughtier – the games start.

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    Sawantwadi: Haven for instant weddings!

    For all those living life in the fast lane, a big, fat Indian wedding is a deal-breaker. Cut to the express weddings solemnised in a sleepy coastal town in Maharashtra that might as well be declared to be the Vegas of India, writes Ankita Chaurasia