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  • Father’s Day 2017: Bollywood stars on what fatherhood means to them

    Father and child is a precious relationship that is more often than not, been completely overlooked and understated. But here are some Bollywood dads who are proud and pruned to talk about how fatherhood makes them who they are, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu

  • Want to rock the rainy look? Read this

    Sneha Singh unfolds the sassiest and trendiest must-haves of seasons’ outfits that will rock your rainy look 

  • To unwind a day and night sesh at a tropical trip, destination

    To unwind a day and night sesh at a tropical trip, destination fashion is a new style mantra especially for women. Tapapriya Lahiri tells you how to flaunt flowing drapes and cylindrical silhouettes

  • How to motivate the mind to excel

    The underlying factors which contribute towards psychological motivation include the focus on psychological, social and environmental factors, writes Ravi Valluri

  • Give a healthy twist to that morning meal for kids

    With the advent of school year, parents start the struggle to make children’s breakfast not just tasty but also healthy. Sapna Sarfare shows them the way to make their kids stay active with food.

  • Painter Jatin Das re-sketches his journey to fame

    Padma Bhushan Jatin Das has often been bracketed with MF Hussain and Satish Gujral as one of India’s most famous painters. I look to ‘stir-the-still-air’ as I join him at his studio-cum-office in the shadow of the Qutub Minar in Delhi.

  • Stay away from stress

    Stress is a word that most of us use in common parlance. By limited understanding, we all assume that stress is either situational or incident driven. We tend to think that modern times are full of stress, that what we face everyday even within our daily routines and responsibilities contributes to stress.

  • Fitness wearables to keep him going

    Dads may love gadgets, but there are some dads who prefer the kinds that help get them off the couch. With wearable tech booming, we’ve rounded up some favorite fitness gifts for dads who want to get in shape this Father’s Day– or who are already in great shape and want to stay that way

  • Six must-do activities in Kolkata

    Whether you are a foodie, an architecture enthusiast, a book worm, a history buff, or a poet at heart, Kolkata has something for everyone, says Kalyani Majumdar who lists six must-do activities to do in the city

  • What the game of chess teaches you about life

    Life is like chess, it is best to accept the people as they are and play the game as well as possible, says Dr Shrirang Bakhle