Cannes 2024 Sensation Nancy Tyagi Aka DIY Queen's Best Outfits From Scratch

By: Aanchal Chaudhary | May 19, 2024

Delhi-based fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi won millions of hearts at Cannes 2024 with a stunning pink ballgown that she made all by herself. As the creator is making heads turn with her fashion statement, here are some of her best looks that she made from scratch.

The shimmery green dress exuded glamour and a retro vibe. The influencer stitches her own ensemble for events and occasions.

Gracing the red carpets in style, she often recreates popular Bollywood celeb's look with her personal touch. The grey ensemble was a recreation of Alia Bhatt's look.

This stunning green ensemble, complete with a dramatic cape, is to die for. She is always praised by fashion enthusiasts for her creativity, talent and hard work.

From simple to extravagant looks, she experiments with her fashion style with changing trends.

The black velvet saree with a stack of pearl necklaces is a perfect recreation of Alia Bhatt's look, which was worn at the Poacher screening in London.

The influencer's "outfit from scratch" has made her a global star as she gracefully stole the spotlight at the Festival de Cannes.

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