Kisan Diwas 2020: From 'pizza langer' to 'water cannon jump' - viral moments of farmer protests
Photo by Manvender Vashist/ PTI

During his tenure because the Prime Minister of India from July 1979 to January 1980, Chaudhary Charan Singh introduced a slew of policies to boost the lives and conditions of farmers within the country.

Kisan Diwas honours Chaudhary Charan Singh, the 5th Prime Minister of India whose was born on this present day.

It had been within the year 2001, the government of India decided to watch December 23 each year as Kisan Diwas.

Thousands of farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and other states held demonstrations at Delhi’s border points, protesting against the new farm laws, which they fear will dismantle the minimum support price system, leaving them at the “mercy” of giant corporates.

Kisan Diwas 2020: From 'pizza langer' to 'water cannon jump' - viral moments of farmer protests
Photo by ANI

On holy day of obligation, Farmers’ outfits were observing a Bharat Bandh (nationwide shutdown) protest against the controversial new agriculture laws, with several trade and transport unions extending support and also the majority opposition parties too backing their demands. Farmer leaders said their strike will remain peaceful which no shops and establishments are visiting be forcibly closed on account of the Bandh.

Kisan Diwas 2020: From 'pizza langer' to 'water cannon jump' - viral moments of farmer protests
Photo by Manvender Vashist/PTI

Canadian YouTube personality, comedian, and chat show host Lilly Singh has used her social media platforms to voice her support for the farmers protesting against the controversial agriculture laws back in India.

Singh, whose parents emigrated from Punjab, recently posted a TikTok video to tell her fans and supporters about the historic "largest human protest" in India.

Taking to Twitter, Singh wrote: "The right to peacefully protest and speak up and not be met with violence is fundamental. We can never, ever lose that. If we lose that anywhere, we all lose a huge part of ourselves as humans everywhere."

A video and photos of one particular clash, went viral on social media. A young protestor jumping and climbing onto a prowl car, to show off the water canon which was being blasted at the farmers.

As the police reached and bent on him after he turned off the water-canon, he jumped his solution, mirroring something out of a movie.

The visual is being treated as almost as proof of the strength of farmers, who despite the tear gas and also the biting cold of water canons, still marched forward.

From social media, the place of the video is found as near Kurukshetra, where there have been barricades to prevent the farmers.

The young protestor has been identified as Navdeep Singh, a Sikh from Ambala district, who could be a graduate and was protesting together with farmers from over 250 villages.

The image of an elderly man running as a policeman came at him with a stick during farmer protests went viral after it had been tweeted by several Congress leaders and therefore the BJP questioned whether he was really beaten.

Amit Malviya tweeted that the photo was only half true, that the farmer was never hit. He wrote "propaganda vs reality" as he posted a video showing the cop raising the baton but the farmer escaping the blow.

Actor and lawyer Deep Sidhu has been a key element of the Shambhu Morcha protest on the Punjab-Haryana border.

A video of a protester marching towards Delhi and lecturing a Haryana policeman in English on why farmers are protesting is doing the rounds on social media.

The latent message in his tweet was obvious – “How can a farmer speak English?”

The truth is that almost all protesting farmers are very articulate – be it in Punjabi, English or Hindi – as their rhetoric comes from lived experience.

But this particular protester being targeted by the correct wing is as interesting because the story of his involvement within the protest.

A section of social media users criticised the "lavish" aid that was provided to the farmers, saying that the pizzas diminished the "idea" of their protest.

"Free pizzas for protesting farmers, massage chairs, is that this a protest or a five-Star spa? And who is paying for all this?#farmersProtestHijacked," a user asked.

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