Energy Alchemist Nitasha: ‘Healings I Practice Are For All Sentient Beings, Spaces And The Souls Who Have Transitioned’

Energy Alchemist Nitasha: ‘Healings I Practice Are For All Sentient Beings, Spaces And The Souls Who Have Transitioned’

Energy Alchemist Nitasha, the founder of Sacreosal, speaks about healing and transforming lives – humans and animals

Sapna SarfareUpdated: Sunday, April 07, 2024, 01:44 PM IST

Some people are meant to heal others. One such person is Energy Alchemist Nitasha, who is the founder of Sacreosal with her two dogs, Chief and Grace. She is an Interspecies Telepathic Communicator, Medium, Channel, EFT Practitioner, Bach Flower Therapist and founder/channel for Niah, Kinaris and MTA energy healing. She calls herself an empath for life and is helping humans and animals with communicating and healing with energy. She also is a graphic design professional with 14-plus years of experience. She is also a design mentor and faculty with various design institutes, apart from being an art therapy researcher and herb buff. She speaks to The Free Press Journal about her work in communicating, understanding, and healing all kinds of beings.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is Sacreosal all about?

Sacreosal is an experience that has changed my life along with 5,000-6,000 other beings with whom I have worked until now. Before we get into the details, I would like to express my basic underlying concept on the subject. 'Everything is energy. Everything has a consciousness and frequency. Including our ideas, concepts, thoughts, emotions, the people, plants, animals in our lives, the objects and spaces we interact with and even the businesses we work with or for or under.’ Similarly, Sacreosal is an energy and a physical brand manifested from a state of consciousness or frequency of growth and transformation. Its essence is arund communication, healing and transformation through energy work and intentional living. My journey began as a child. I have been a telepath and psychic all my life. But to fit into the surroundings, I certainly put more effort into suppressing and ignoring them for the longest time. While I would talk to the crows, cows and dogs in my area, I never spoke about it openly.

Most of my choices and decisions were based on what I sensed or felt with the energy around me. I would say this path chose me. In retrospect, everything that has happened in my life, all the choices I have made, and everything that I have learnt or done in my life have only holistically and humbly prepared and brought me to this point. I can crisply divide my journey into two broad phases: first would be my childhood, where even though I was experiencing all these abilities, it didn't seem like fitting to the surroundings and hence started avoiding and hiding this part of me. Later, as a student of science, and then my graduation in visual communication design from NID further complimented my understanding and out-of-the-box thinking. I believe that design thinking led to an inner alignment when I was around 18-19.

Followed by my taking up design as a profession for 14+ years, doing my master's in psychology on the side, working as an independent researcher in the field of Art Therapy, conducting workshops and sessions with people of various age groups – it widened my understanding of perception and how people see and feel through their lives and cope. The second phase would be where it started falling into place against all odds. At this point, I faced a life-and-death situation where one of my dogs became critically ill. It was at this critical juncture I was able to let go of my apprehensions and embrace my inner abilities. Having an evidence-based approach from my research and unorthodox thinking, I was able to break through my limiting beliefs to be open to what seemed “the unconventional”.

These situations and both my dogs have facilitated me to go beyond my boundaries of fears and hesitations. That led me to explore the concepts with different experts in the field to understand their experiences and learnings. It also allowed for my other psychic abilities to parallelly come to the forefront like channelling, communication with the spirit world, etc. Sacreosal started in 2021 as a service to animals only at the request of my dogs – Chief and Gracy who have been instrumental in this whole journey of energy work.

Later, as I found more and more miraculous results and witnessed magical recoveries over the last few years, it has expanded to have various kinds of modalities, workshops, and products – that are meant for all sentient beings, spaces, transitioned souls, etc. reaching over 6,000 people and animals. I can say this with conviction now – this is just the beginning!

You are know to be a telepath, how did you get into healing?

Healing has always been second nature to me. So, with the abilities I was blessed with, I used to apply them unknowingly. But if you ask me when I started doing it consciously and with acceptance, it was around the same time the breakthrough happened for me in 2020 – for my dog’s well-being. I was shattered by the kind of pain he was going through, with nothing that could help him. I started communicating with my spirit guides, angels and masters in the other realms daily. I learnt about my ability to channel what I carry. Through the same, the MTA modality was channelled. I started using it for my dogs, myself, family, friends, and community animals. The more results and evidence I saw of its effects, I got more confident with the skillset. I started channelling more and applying them in simpler and more critical day-to-day events. In 2022, we launched it as a service open to all on our website. It has been a wonderful journey to see so many people, animals, etc. getting benefits out of it. The journey has been magical.

What are the plus points of your work for different individuals?

We have many services, workshops and products with their respective plus points. But if you ask me more broadly, I would say our services can be divided into 'communication and guidance’ and ‘healing and transformation’. For everything, the underlying concept of working with energy. However, the execution, the protocols and the results are individualistic to one's path, as there is no one medicine for all. Apart from that, my approach is holistic and wholesome. In any consultation, we are not only looking at the physical and emotional aspects of things, but we are also looking into the spiritual, energetic aspects, the aspects of our relationships in our lives, our purpose in life, our work, career goals, the space we live in and everything else in our lives. Sometimes, we are also looking at ancestral wounds and baggage, past lives and much more. Some results also deliver a surrogate healing to the family members and ancestors. So, when you take any consultation, you are sure-shot going to impact not just the issue in concern but holistic growth in all aspects of your life. That’s what makes energy work extremely powerful and transformational. At the same time, it is also multi-dimensional, sustainable and empowering in nature.

What goes into healing animals in various manners?

The healings I practice are for all sentient beings, spaces and even the souls who have transitioned. There are multiple energy healing modalities I practice like Bach flower therapy, MTA distant energy healing, Akashic healing, NIAH, Kinaris, tapping, etc. Each has its significance and requirements based on the issues presented. Let's take MTA for animals or humans for example. There are various approaches based on the complaint of the individual. For day-to-day issues, we look at the overall energy body, addressing basic cleansing and balancing the chakras and meridians. However, issues that are chronic or terminal in nature require a more in-depth approach where we look at the healing at the cellular, and sometimes even at the DNA level. Then, it is conveyed and confirmed with the individual followed by the healing session addressing energy clearing and transmutation. Unlike most healing modalities, MTA healing is more about transmuting negative emotions and energies into a driving force of positivity in life, based on the potential of the trauma energy.

Similarly, coming down to Bach Flower Therapy, while a general expectation would be only to get an understanding of the issue, prepare the remedies and composites and courier them, in my approach – there are a lot of other kinds of subtle therapies in the consultation. A detailed discussion of their life events, coping mechanisms, habits, choices, surroundings, relationship dynamics etc. is taken into account. Based on my studies and experiences in psychology, NLP, art therapy, etc., every individual is then additionally advised with some simple tips and techniques that they can inculcate at their end along with taking the remedies. This facilitates a more solid mindset to not only receive the healing but also to sustain it and achieve faster and more holistic transformation. Animals, as such, have a higher level of consciousness than us and are very open to energy healing. So, the results are seen much faster. Of course, along with the healing, some species-appropriate lifestyle changes are also advised after a discussion with the animal and humans, which then can bring in a greater level of change and comfort to them along with the remedies.

A level of harmony is achieved between the human family members and the animal. Since all the modalities complement conventional medicine and treatment, there is no requirement for people to leave allopathy or any ongoing treatment.

However, in my experience, the need for any intrusive conventional treatment method reduces to zero over some time. Similarly, there are different approaches and benefits when I am working with space, ancestral healing or when I am conducting other healing modality sessions. Any energy healing is a holistic approach addressing the root cause of the issue and is focused on the general well-being of the individual. Hence, there is a greater possibility of eliminating the issue, as compared to conventional medicines.

Considering the various issues related to pets, and animals in India, do you feel someone like you can be a bridge to reduce the friction between animals and humans?

Fundamentally, the main cause of friction is due to ignorance on our part. Most people do not know how aware the animals and plants on this planet are. They are highly attuned and extremely aware of a lot of things that even we do not sense or understand. And they are very aligned to their life purpose at all times. One of their primary purposes is to help us be more aligned with our purpose in life. But we humans, as a species, tend to look down upon them most of the time. I notice something common in my sessions – the kind of things the animals bring into the conversation and the depth and sense of understanding in which they speak about the very detail of their humans’ day-to-day life and life at large, always leaving the family amazed and wondering and questioning their perspective towards their animals that they have had before taking the session. It certainly brings in a change in their mindset towards their animals, and other species and a sense of respect too, beyond the general understanding of a dog as a dog or a cat as a cat as biology tells us. And of course, the behavioural change or health change that they notice after the session further solidifies this mindset and respect.

That is the seed of perspective and transformation that gets planted in the individual with evidence. And that’s my goal – to bring that awareness to more people and empower them as well to be able to communicate telepathically with all species and nature around them, so they can get an understanding of their perspective. Now imagine this level of awareness among the masses at a larger scale. It certainly will be a very peaceful planet to live in. So, I most definitely feel that someone like me, can bring in a change and smoothen the friction between species, not just for the pets and not just in India, but all around the world. I do envision a world where we are living in harmony with nature and all species like ancient humans did.

You also offer other services. What are they? How are they helpful?

As I mentioned, Sacreosal offers services of ‘Communication and Guidance’ and ‘Healing and Transformation’. Services like Interspecies telepathic communication, Viriyaa and Mediumship help communicate. Interspecies Telepathic Communication – to communicate with different species, Viriyaa to communicate with humans of various age groups who are not able to vocalise their feelings, needs and desires, and mediumship to communicate with souls of our loved ones who have transitioned. Services like Akashic Records Reading, Higher Self Reading, HRB Reading and Card Gaze help in connecting and seeking guidance from our masters from other realms, spirit guides, angels and other beings of higher realms, whom we cannot perceive just with our physical senses. Services like NIAH and Kinaris help with receiving healing and manifestation.

Services like Bach Flower Therapy, Shadow Scan and MTA healing help with the healing as we have discussed earlier. Sacreosal also offers exclusive programs for people who want to transform their lives at a greater level – those are a fusion of multiple modalities, customised to the individual needs and requirements like Integrated Healing Program, Alignment Sequence, etc. Sacreosal also offers many kinds of workshops and masterclasses to learn the life skill of telepathy, self-healing techniques like Tapping and EFT, other modalities like pendulum dowsing, mediumship, etc. and some exclusive and unique masterclasses that happen from time to time throughout the year for goal compassing, vision board and manifestation, working with money energy, lion's gate AS, Shakti portal, etc. We have some amazing programs and workshops launching soon as well. Additionally, The Sacreosal Store has some unique energy products for everyday needs of healing and manifestation too.

How does healing and seeking energy work help be part of living a fulfilling life for humans and animals?

Working with energy by yourself or assisted by an expert helps any individual to be more in alignment with the life they have chosen. Irrespective of whether they are on a spiritual path or not, energy work is beneficial in everyday life. The most intriguing part here is we all are energy beings and even if we are not doing the energy work consciously, or unconsciously we are already doing so. Our energy body exists and extends to approx. 25 ft. from our physical body. That is how much we interact with our environment or beings around us, absorbing and radiating energy – which impacts our core belief system and perspective. When we are not aware of it, we tend to absorb a lot of negativity and collect a lot of traumas and suffering. But the game changes when we start living intentionally and consciously.

Energy work can be a deep meditation or tapping or healing or seeking healing, but it can also be the simplest of the things like having a cup of tea when you are having a cup of tea. No distractions and you are fully present in that moment. That practice itself can be a form of routined energy work for an individual. Even bringing our awareness to our breath or thoughts is also an energy work. How often do we realise our breath or question if the thought we just had is our own or borrowed from our family, friends or the last news article we read? Right! Similarly, cooking, walking, and everything is energy work and can help us be more grounded and heal ourselves if done consciously and with intention. Mind the words – “consciously” and “with intention” That is what makes a difference.

You cannot change your life overnight, but you can change your smaller habits in day-to-day life more consciously and that changes your mindset and hence, your entire life. Energy work helps facilitate living life to the fullest, feeling each of the emotions and moments, and living all experiences we have chosen in our lives with comfort, peace and acceptance. And as for animals and plants, they are already doing their energy work. They are the masters of it. All I do through energy work is bring in the balance in their surroundings, facilitate the animals to heal, and ground the impact they have received via mirroring, taking on for their humans or the karmic baggage the animals carry from their past lives.

What are life lessons you learned through your work that you want to impart to others?

Well, there are so many. But if I have to pick some of my favourites, they would be:

1. Everything is possible and workable if you are ready to pay attention and do your part with faith. Because the Universe is experiencing life through you, if you have a thought or desire, there is already a possibility that gets created in that very instant for it to be achieved. All you need is focus.

2. Every single individual we meet in our lives has and is going through so many unseen challenges in their lives at different levels than what our eyes, mind and perception can meet. So just be compassionate. Kindness is the least we can offer to anyone.

3. Spirituality is all in the process. And it is in experiencing everything that your life has to offer. Failures, fears, anger, grief, reaching rock bottom, etc. are all a part of it too. Embrace them all with all authenticity and compassion towards self.

4. Science and spirituality can go hand in hand if we are open to it.

5. Lastly, Love, Respect and Gratitude for self and others – have the answers to every single problem in this world.


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