Purpose and Targets: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

Purpose and Targets: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

NJ ReddyUpdated: Thursday, December 10, 2020, 04:14 PM IST
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You must understand the purpose for which you have come into this incarnation, and these bodies. A person with purpose will make specific targets. You must balance your life and also targets. You must have constancy of purpose and effort. Foster your ability to focus and develop industriousness at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. At emotional level it is emotional commitment. Mental industriousness is finding ways and means of achieving the targets. Let us discuss some important targets to be considered simultaneously.

Financial Target

We try to get a job or run a business to earn money. We spend substantial time for our education and to qualify ourselves in order to have a better career and make substantial money. We also continue to upgrade ourselves, for better growth opportunities. Why are we linking all this progress to money? It is because money is concretized time and energy. People spend time, energy and effort to obtain it. They lose their youth in acquiring wealth. If you are employed, you look for your salary at the end of the month. A businessman invests and expects profit or good returns. Everyone is like a farmer who sows seeds and waits for harvesting his crop. Similarly, you are in a physical incarnation in this physical world; you have a responsibility to meet your family needs, take care of your parents and people connected to you. There are karmic obligations that you cannot run away from. You must fulfill these as well as balance your life.

You must save, so that at some stage, you become financially independent. You cannot keep on working like this. You must have a timeline and date, and work towards it to achieve that financial independence. So that, from then onwards, you don't just work for money, but work for what you are passionate about. Whether it fetches you enough money or not, it doesn't bother you anymore because you can financially sustain.

Everyone has to make a financial target to become financially independent. How much you have now and how much you want to have? What is the gap? How to get there? How much time will it take? Plan for it! Make a detailed plan, parallel plan and backup plan for it.

In the present condition, you must understand that no job is permanent. Therefore, you must have a parallel plan. You must be ready to change your profession or livelihood when required. To avoid getting stressed and keeping quiet, you must have a backup plan. You must not have only one way, but may be two or three different ways to sustain yourself to earn enough. There may be ups and downs; it is part of life. But you must have a plan, definitely a parallel plan. You cannot get stuck with one profession in general, because you don't know whether that profession would last or not? Or even if it does, whether it would give you enough returns?

For example, with the emergence of digital printers, people using typewriters went out of job in just one day. Similarly, with digital photography, the requirement of the photographic film was gone. So, you must be aware of what is happening around. The future is dynamic and everything around is continuously changing. Therefore, you must have a parallel plan, a backup plan and not be stuck with just one plan! Your focus must be on attaining financial freedom. That is the purpose. All this money earned can help you meet the needs of the people connected to you, make them grow and become self-reliant, address the requirements such as health, education, shelter, food, etc.

You must spend money and also save some for future. Only then can you become self-sufficient financially. It is in giving that you receive. Consequently, you must also donate or tithe 10% of your net income after taxes, for charitable and spiritual purposes. You may save about 30% and also reinvest, but not all eggs in the same basket. You may distribute the investment.

Money is a resource to be utilized. It should not make you run behind it; you must use money; it is time and energy. But, are people happy after having substantial or enough money? If they are not, then there is something missing. Other targets must be balanced too. Another invaluable objective to be considered is relationship.

Relationship Target

You must have a relationship target. This must be simultaneously worked on and maintained. You cannot say that you will take care of this relationship later. It is a part of your life. If you are not happy, then it doesn't make any sense that you have money. You must first work on the relationships within the family, with colleagues, relatives and balance these relationships. Where it is not so good, at least neutralize the enmity and where it is already fine, sustain it. Even to sustain it, you must put effort. Like, for sustaining good health, you need to work regularly.

Health and Self Development Target

If you do not have good health, your financial target goes for a toss. So, you must maintain health. Even if you do not have any major health issue, you must sustain it. There has to be some method by which you do so. You have to have a health target.

In case, you have a health issue, you must make a target to come to normalcy (there must be a specified target date), in terms of body mass index, blood parameters, etc. You must have a health target or an improvement target and at the same time you must have a self-development target in order to advance yourself to meet the demands of the future.

You cannot be stuck; status quo is not acceptable. Continue to improve, world is going by law of change and law of cycles. So, you must upgrade yourself apart from sustaining, maintaining and improving your health.

All these targets must run concurrently. You cannot say that you will look into health target after making money. Health is wealth!

Look at all the ways that you can improve your health, physically and emotionally too. There are multiple ways by which you can improve. Use a holistic and integrated approach.

Spiritual Target

There is a purpose that you are in this body. You cannot postpone this target for later on when you retire. You must have a spiritual target simultaneously with other targets. It is the most important target for a human being. And it cannot just start towards the end of your journey after retirement. Your body may not be fit then. Hence, it must be a part of your targets from the beginning and you must have an orientation towards it. You must give some time and put effort for it. It must start when your body is fit; it must start early on.

Some target may take precedence over the others at a given point of time. It may even shift, but you cannot drop any. You cannot make anything as zero priority. All must go concurrently. You must balance your four major targets, the financial independence, your relationship target, your health and self-development goal and concurrently a spiritual objective.

As you become financially independent, the focus may shift more to health, self-development and to spiritual target. At a later stage, focus will shift more to the spiritual target, to be a channel for the Divine.

You cannot spiritually evolve unless you make others evolve. Right now, our target is to have as many people as possible to join us in the live group sessions, to channel more energy to Earth and to bring peace on Earth and within ourselves.

How can you contribute? You must talk to a few people and motivate at least one person every week. That means if we are 1000 today, it becomes 2000 in just one week, 4000 in two weeks and similarly 8000 in 3 weeks. This is just a ratio of 1:1. It is geometric progression of 2 to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16 and so on. It can be exponential too, i.e., 2 to 4, 4 to 16, 16 to 256, and so on.

For example, once, there was a King. Someone in his kingdom invented a chess board. The King requested the person who invented the chess board to ask for whatever he wanted. The person said that in the first box of the chess board he wanted a grain of wheat, in the second box 2, in the third box 4, in the next 8, and so on. He asked for geometric progression. The king laughed at first. But, trillions of grains were required to fulfil this request. He could not give all of it. In fact, less than half way he gave up and surrendered.

Similarly, if we are 1000 people attending the session today and you each motivate one every week, it will become 2000, then 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000, 64000 and you will reach 1,28,000 in just 7 weeks. In another seven weeks it will be from 1 lakh to 100 lakhs, i.e., 1 crore. In another 7 weeks, it will be from 1 crore to 100 crores. It is just by simple geometric progression. If you work on it, it can easily be achieved. This is pure mathematics. The spiritual progress, as per Master Kutumi, can be even exponential to the power of 2 or higher. So, this number can be just reached in even 7-8 weeks, instead of 21 weeks. That is, 2, 4, 16, 256 and 65,000 straight away with exponential progression of power 2.

The more people join, the more energy will be channeled, more areas will get purified, their environments will get better, more individuals will be uplifted to a higher emotional state, automatically people will do right things, they will manifest their good will as they lift up and their discernment will improve.

Understand the targets. You even have karmic obligation to mother Earth and Lord Surya. Lord Surya is providing you energy. Mother Earth is providing you everything, like, water, air, oxygen, etc. All these most important things are provided for free. But there must be some purpose. Nothing is free; you have to contribute back to the spiritual evolution of Earth, which is possible by enhancing the spiritual development of humanity and uplifting them. To start with, bring people into a higher emotional state and then the process continues. It is a path; Tao is a path!

Importance of Time

Today we have technology available, we can reach the entire world in just 21 weeks as explained above. That is, in less than six months. Everyone must understand the importance of the present time, understand their duty and responsibility to bring peace and transformation on Earth, reverse the climatic changes, harmonize within humanity - across caste, creed, race, religion, sex, nationality, harmonize with all kingdoms of nature, live and let live. Earth is meant for many kingdoms simultaneously; we do not have an exclusive right on it. To understand this, people must come to a higher emotional state, cruelty must be ceased, mental domination must be stopped, right direction must be chosen, with awareness and understanding.

The most important resource is time. Time was there, time is there and time will be there, but you may be not be fit enough to perform actions or you will not be there all the time in this body. During this time, what you do and your contribution is important. Your spiritual progress is permanent. You carry that forward. Therefore, prioritize your time and optimize it. Today, there is a need for you to practice in a group to channel energy, maintain yourself and also to promote to your full might for your benefit, benefit of humanity and for Mother Earth. This is a great opportunity. Manifest your Greatness!

You may join our daily live sessions on Facebook which are being attended in a large group to practice channeling meditations, such as, Planetary Peace Meditation or Metta Meditation to bless Mother Earth and the affected areas in this pandemic situation and to experience very potent, guided Divine healing. We also practice breathing exercises and Forgiveness Sadhana. These live sessions are now extended up to 31st December 2020 @ www.Facebook.com/ShriNJReddy. Timings: Morning 7.15 AM, Afternoon 1.00 PM, Evening 6.30 PM.

You may also try our YPV Sadhana app which is available in many languages. It has guided tracks for the breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation. These techniques will help improve, sustain and maintain your immune system.


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