Generosity and Non-Stealing: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

Generosity and Non-Stealing: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

NJ ReddyUpdated: Thursday, December 31, 2020, 05:05 PM IST
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There are two virtues connected with compassion, love and creating peace. We have discussed one of them in the article on Ahimsa Parmo Dharma, with profound particulars on the virtue of loving kindness and non-injury at various levels of action, speech, emotions and thoughts. The other virtue related to benevolence is generosity and non-stealing.

Generosity is opening your heart! It is sharing, open handedness and directing one’s love towards others. This is human love. At a later stage, it can lead to Divine Love when you practice it in a group on a wider scale.

It’s human nature to contribute to people around. Many times, we support or help family members or friends. However, we do a lot of things under pressure and not by choice. Generosity means you perform your role or assist others willingly and by understanding other’s needs. You must be peaceful to be able to empathize with another person. Without being calm, you can neither manifest generosity nor can you use your discretion. Therefore, you must work on the methods by which you can elevate your emotional state to a loftier one. Generosity is also understanding yourself and identifying your own needs. Even self-empathy requires discernment which becomes easy by being calm and composed.

In order to be compassionate, you must start from the heart. That is the centre for human love. When you extend your concern and empathy in a similar manner to a group, you slowly broaden and deepen your compassion. And when you are able to see the need of humanity, others kingdoms of nature and mother Earth, you are developing Divine Love. Group is a stepping stone for Divine Love.

If you cannot understand the need of the people around you and contribute to them in some way, how can you develop Divine Love? You may not be able to address everyone’s need fully. But at least do what you can, in your capacity. That is love. When you know and attend to other’s requirements, that is kindness! And that is a sure way to Oneness. The universe that you see, is a manifestation of God. What you do to this manifested universe around you, is your way to God. That is the path to Oneness. In other words, compassion is the path to Oneness.

When you experience Divine Love, you do service and with service you get inner peace. Mother Teresa has said, “The fruit of silence is prayer; the fruit of prayer is faith; the fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service; the fruit of service is peace.” So, generosity leads you to deeper inner peace. There are different degrees of peace which finally lead you to serenity. Serenity is peace that cannot be disturbed. It is peace that surpasses understanding.

When you do prayer in a Group, you develop faith leading to Divine Love.

Rise above the lower emotions, such as, anger, irritability, frustration, restlessness, hurriedness, panic reaction and lack of forgiveness. Learn to let go of the past. Maintain your higher emotional state.

Practice simple exercises and Rhythmic Yogic Breathing to regulate your emotions. Practice forgiveness to further move to a heightened emotional state. It is therapeutic. If you are angry with someone, you cause more injury to yourself than others. Hence, forgive and forget for your own good health and happiness. Be smart. In addition to forgiving, you must learn your lessons also. When in a higher emotional state, your thymus gland gets activated. As a result, your immunity also gets strengthened. Hence, practice simple exercises for about 5-10 minutes, breathing exercise for 5-7 minutes and then practice Forgiveness Sadhana which might take 5-6 minutes. You will then be in a right frame of mind to discern. Certain purification is required to be able to understand and empathise with yourself and others.

When you are critical at others, you cannot be happy. Stop criticizing, instead bless and wish that others learn the quality that you want them to develop. So, translate criticism to blessings. Come up to the Heart centre, the centre of transformation! You can then convert even jealous into inspiration. If someone has achieved a desired result, take inspiration that even you can do it. Be happy at others success. You will also make it. Find out all that the person has done to be successful. Try to mimic the same to reap success. Especially, imbibe the qualities from those who are able to sustain success and move forward in spite of the ups and downs.

Sharing resources like, food, clothes, money, etc., with those in need is kindness. Giving your time to help others is also an act of generosity. Besides, consider sharing knowledge with those who are ready and willing to learn. Share appropriately and systematically when they are ready. To lift someone to a higher emotional state and experience inner peace is an incredible act of benevolence. Anyone can feed a person who is hungry, but only few can feed the soul. That is a greater compassion.

Some people may be ready but may not be willing. And some may not be ready at all. You must wait, bless, visualise that they are improving. Accept people as they are, by maintaining your heart chakram big. That is generosity at mental level. Bless and heal or get them healed by your known healers. Remove any undesirable tendencies from their energy body. You may work to maintain their heart chakrams bigger too. Connect them to their higher self and give them an opportunity to be divinely guided. Sooner than later, they will come on track. Have patience!

Forgive yourself. Have good self-esteem. Do not be exacting on yourself, avoid focusing on your mistakes, omissions and commissions. Practice generosity to thyself. Do inner reflection and observe the feelings and thoughts which are unwholesome. Erase them by using will power and Divine energy while focusing on the Ajna and Crown centres respectively (you can imagine your hand erasing using Divine energy coming from the Crown chakram while focussing on your Ajna). However, first transform whatever is possible through forgiveness.

You must maintain your inner peace. By channelling peace, you get peace. This is experienced in Planetary Peace Meditation, when you bless the Earth with peace. When you channel, you are like a conduit or pipeline. Water gushing through a pipe, cleanses it. Similarly, the Divine energy flowing through you during the meditation will purify and transform you. You will be filled with peace, love and forgiveness. To maintain peace, you must constantly forgive. If you really master peace, love and forgiveness, you will become a Paramahansa.

You must maintain your health and happiness, if you really love people connected to you. If you want to contribute to your family, you must drop all that is already known to be injurious to health, such as, smoking, excessive drinking, etc. You must avoid all refined products including sugar and salt. You must get on to more of God’s diet, i.e., fruits, sprouts, salads, nuts, etc. Injuring your body is not loving kindness. How can you be a channel or contribute to others when your body is not capable or strong enough? So, if you want to be generous, you must be physically strong, emotionally balanced and have mental clarity.

You must tithe. Tithing means sharing at least 10% of your net income after taxes for charity. Look at the many successful people. They do big donations. It is in giving that they receive. Tithing to spiritual organisations also accelerates your spiritual development. It is done as a mark of gratitude to those who have contributed to you, like, the teacher, parents and others. You may at first think that you are the giver. At a later stage, you would realise that you are part of giving and not that giving is part of you! You should be grateful for having an opportunity to give or channel. Not everybody has that opportunity. You should be grateful to the Divine that you have resources that you can share.

What must you avoid?

Do not steal! Understand law of karma. Whatever you steal, will be stolen or taken away from you. If you cheat, you will be cheated. If you are critical, people will be critical at you. If you mislead others, you will be misled. If you exaggerate and distort others’ perception, you will not be able to understand deeper truths. What you sow is what you reap. What you reap will be multiplied. Sometimes, have you not seen very intelligent people not understanding a simple truth, like, energy healing, even after seeing the results repeatedly.

Do not steal physically what does not belong to you. Many times, you borrow something from someone and later do not return it. It may be a book or a pen which you don’t intend to give back later. That is also stealing. Check such tendencies.

Stealing somebody’s contact is emotional stealing. Someone gives a contact for helping you and later you delink the person from the one who introduced you to him. Like, stealing somebody’s maid, customer, student, etc. Check your intention. Do you intend to steal? Maybe you haven’t physically done it, but are you thinking and feeling like it?

Relationship stealing is stealing somebody’s partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Does it not cause pain? Also, watch your thoughts for such stealing.

Underpaying is also a form of stealing. That is, getting more work done and paying less. Squeezing the profit and taking advantage also must be avoided. This way, your profit may also be squeezed. It is in giving that you receive. That is the Law of Cause and Effect or Law of Karma!

Mental stealing is stealing the credit of others, like, using pirated CDs, DVDs and software, which are not freely available. It is someone’s intellectual property, made by a lot of effort. You must honour the property rights of others.

Also, taking credit for someone else’s hard work is mental stealing. Or blaming someone else for the undesirable result due to you, must also be avoided. Check your intention at all times.

Avoid all these things. They pull you down and diminish your entitlement. Just by a simple smile, you generate good karma because you radiate goodness. Likewise, if you are sad, you affect other’s enthusiasm and the environment around. Thus, creating negative entitlement. In addition, by being sad, you are wasting time. You must practice instant inner forgiveness.

Internalise and master peace, love and forgiveness. That’s generosity. Also, look out for an opportunity to help. Contribute out of choice, joyful interest, enthusiasm and not under pressure. Constantly work on yourself to increase your ability to be generous at various levels of physical, emotional and mental, towards others and yourself.

You may join our daily online sessions on Facebook to be able to contribute to the entire Earth using Planetary Peace Meditation, Great Invocation or Metta Meditation and internalise peace within. We also practice breathing exercises and forgiveness in these sessions. You can also experience a powerful guided Divine group healing. All these techniques help you elevate to a higher emotional state. With regular practice of such techniques, you can slowly internalise peace, love and forgiveness. These online sessions are now extended up to 31st March 2021 Timings: Morning 7.15 AM, Afternoon 1.00 PM, Evening 6.30 PM.

You can also try our YPV Sadhana app which has guided audios for simple physical exercises, breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation. These techniques also boost your immunity!


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