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World Vegan Day: Origins, ethics, myths... Everything you need to know

If we can look past the fad that it has become and approach it from an unbiased perspective, this lifestyle has a lot to offer including delicious meals

Scroll through any social media these days, and chances are pretty high of you chancing upon people confronting others and telling them not to consume meat products, milk products, etc. You may also read about celebs opting for a vegan diet every now and then. This is the general picture many, including me, have of vegans. However, a closer look at the practice reveals that if we can look past the fad that it has become and approach it from an unbiased perspective, it does have quite a few health benefits.


Despite it being such a fad now, it may surprise one and all that the actual word has been in use since 1944. Some vegetarians who broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in the UK created the Vegan Society. Their rules were simple: no eating dairy, eggs or any animal-based food items. Vegan was the amalgamation of the first three and last two letters of the word vegetarian.

Today, of course, this practice also extends to the use of organic clothes only and leading a life that consciously calls out against any form of animal or environmental cruelty.


What is World Vegan Day?

In 1994, a British celebrity named Louise Wallis, who also happened to be heading The Vegan Society back then, called for this day to be celebrated. It coincided with the society’s 50th anniversary. She also chose this particular date (November 1) to avoid a clash with Halloween.

On a side note, every January, a month-long event named Veganuary is held. Its aim is to promote and educate the practice of veganism since 2014. It started out with 12,000+ sign-ups and, as of 2021, boasts of 5,00,000+ participants. This is a small but significant example of the rise of veganism’s popularity.


  • This is a diet and lifestyle for the elite. In reality, anyone can have vegan meals and practice a vegan lifestyle.

  • Going vegan equals bidding adieu to proteins. If practised correctly, a vegan diet can provide the body with all the crucial amino acids and nutrients.

  • Vegan food is not tasty. Actually, vegan meals are delicious. Try having some to see for yourself.

  • Vegan food is raw. Contrary to popular belief, many vegan meals are actually cooked.


Vegan delights

Mentioned below are some easy and fun vegan recipes that will give you a glimpse into how tasty vegan food can be.

Artichoke ragout


· 6 artichokes

· 3 tomatoes

· ½ onion

· Olive oil

· Lemon zest

· Salt and pepper


Clean artichokes and keep the heart. Boil in salt water until soft. Chop into very small pieces. When cooled off, add tomatoes cut into little squares and onions. Add olive and lemon zest, season to personal taste. Keep in the fridge overnight and serve cold.

This recipe is also a good bridge between vegans and meat eaters, since it’s a very good addition to any food.

Spaghetti with lemons and herbs


· 500gr spaghetti

· 100 ml olive oil

· ½ bunch of parsley

· ½ bunch of mint or basil

· 30 gr toasted pistachios

· 2-3 tbsp lemon zest

· Salt

· Pepper


Cook pasta until “al dente”. Whilst the pasta is cooking, chop herbs and pistachios into small pieces. Mix with olive oil and lemon zest and season. Add the mix to the warm pasta.

Tip: Don’t wash off the pasta with water after cooking, since that will close the pores and the sauce won’t absorb as well.


Chocolate mousse


· 1 ripe and soft avocado

· Pure cocoa powder to personal taste

· Dates for sweetening


Add avocado, cocoa powder and dates to a kitchen robot / mixer and mix until smooth. Let cool off in the fridge.

Don't be afraid of experimenting and try out new ingredients by yourself. Bon appetit!

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