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Scoop! What's the secret behind Sonakshi Sinha's flawless beauty?

The actress gets candid about the pressure to look good in Bollywood, her daily skincare routine, and more
Pic credit: Instagram/aslisona

Pic credit: Instagram/aslisona


Sonakshi Sinha is gorgeous, and she knows it. The daughter of Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha made her silver screen debut opposite Salman Khan in Dabangg back in 2010. What makes her stand out is the oodles of confidence she showcases while on and off-camera. We caught up with the Mission Mangal star for an exclusive conversation. Excerpts:

Is there a constant pressure to look good in your profession?

Of course, there is. We need to look beautiful because the media and the paparazzi are right out there wherever we go. What to do, we have no choice. But honestly, since the profession that we are in is a very demanding one, we have to be very careful with our skin and the products we use. It is not necessary that one has to put on a lot of makeup to look good. I look good without my makeup too (laughs). I have got my mother’s beautiful genes, and hence I look good.

But then to each his own. In India, there are different weather types, and people have different skin tones too. We have to take care depending on how our skin is structured, and one needs to do what works best for them. Growing up, every remedy I used has been natural and organic. I have followed what my mother has told me in terms of applying Multani mitti, haldi, or rubbing tomatoes and bananas on the skin. I have grown up touching my skin only with natural products. Today, there are a lot of people who are very mindful of what they are using on their skin.


How important is inner beauty?

If you do not have inner beauty, you will never look beautiful irrespective of how much makeup you apply to yourself. I think it is a clichéd answer, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. How kind you are and what you give back to the world can make anyone beautiful. I think I can win Miss Universe with an answer like this. (chuckles).

Your three essentials?

I cannot do without my eyeliner. I also need my concealer and my lipstick.

What is your beauty routine?

Earlier, I used to try to follow a routine but usually ended up skipping it. But now, I have not gotten into the self-love part, which is the taking care of yourself phase in life where I try to moisturise my skin as and when I can. I cleanse off my makeup very, very well. Earlier, one used to just slap a wet tissue on the face and try to remove the makeup. But now you have to be very careful. That is something that I have started doing, and yes, staying hydrated all the time really helps.


Tell us your family skincare secret.

My skin is inherited from my mother. So what secret can I tell you? I am very lucky that both parents have great skin and which is what I got. But then there are times when I have taken my skin for granted, which is why I have started taking a lot of care now. When I break out, my mother gives me home remedies, and they are as natural as they can be. The skin is not made to be under the influence of chemicals. You need to let your skin breathe.

How important is it to be socially conscious?

As a person who is followed and viewed by people and youngsters, it is a huge responsibility to take forward the things I believe in. One has to take care of these things. Physical and mental health are important, and being socially conscious and aware is an extension of your personality.

How to keep glowing this wedding season?

Get married (laughs).

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