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How I met my husband: 'We just kissed, and we knew that we loved each other,' says Shiny Doshi as she gets candid about beau Lavesh Khairajani

The Pandya Store actress gets candid about her journey from love to marriage
Pic: Instagram/shinydoshi15

Pic: Instagram/shinydoshi15


“If our horoscopes hadn’t matched, I would not have married Lavesh Khairajani,” says Shiny Doshi with a conviction that is a bit baffling. But once the horoscopes matched, she let life and romance take their own course. She says that she and Lavesh never broke up before tying the knot because they were too busy getting to know each other. They tied the knot on July 15. 2021. Excerpts:

When and how did you meet your better half?

We met through a common friend Pranitaa Pandit (Pari), who is also an actor. She is my best friend, and she knew I was looking out for a guy who was husband material. Actually, my mother used to be behind Pranitaa. One day she was going through her Instagram, and she came across Lavesh’s picture. She had known Lavesh for more than 10 years. She asked him if he was seeing someone. He told her he was very much single. So she organised a meeting. But there was no love at first sight.



What was the initial reaction when you saw him?

My first impression was that he is a very nice human being, someone who respects women. Lavesh made me very comfortable. We spoke about our lives and our past too. He is a very honest guy.

What was the ice breaker?

Pari was the ice breaker. She would initiate a conversation and then leave us alone, only to join us much later.


After you came back home, did you keep thinking about him?

This is such a lovey-dovey question. Lavesh didn’t message or call me for two days after we had met. So I also resolved that I would not message him, let him call me. It was Pari who called me to find out if I had heard from him. I told her, ‘No, I have not.’ So Pari spoke with him, and he laughingly shared with her, ‘Main thoda footage kha raha hoon,’ (I am playing hard to get.)

Did you guys go Dutch?

If you mean who picked up the tab, Lavesh is a gentleman. He wouldn’t have it any other way, and whenever Pari, he and I went out together, he would foot the bill.

Did he bring chocolates and flowers for you?

No, we were not some college going young kids; we were not going on a date. We were trying to find out our compatibility. Chocolates and flowers came into the picture much later.

Who said I love you first?

We just kissed, and we knew that we loved each other.

How many times would you guys speak with each other?

Not very often, Both Lavesh and I are practical people. We give each other space; our relationship is based on faith and trust. I call him to find out what he would like to have for dinner.

Who is more possessive between the two?



Would you guys fight during the courtship, and what are the fights about?

By God’s grace, I can count the number of times we have fought on my fingertips. On the rare occasion we fight, Lavesh is the one who apologises first. He is the cuter person in the relationship.

Who proposed marriage?

Lavesh and I were in Vietnam for a vacation. To my pleasant surprise. he proposed with a ring and I, of course, was overwhelmed and said yes.

Did you face any opposition when you guys wanted to marry?

Not from the families, but Covid-19 delayed our marriage.

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Published on: Sunday, January 02, 2022, 02:51 AM IST