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‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu opens up about his equation with his father Kumar Sanu

He also opens up about fight with fellow contestant Rahul Vaidya, and more...

Singer and evicted Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of legendary singer Kumar Sanu, has been in the headlines ever since he entered the Salman Khan hosted show. In a quick chat, Jaan tells us how the reality show has helped him personally and professionally, and talks about how he wants to carve his own path as a singer. Excerpts from the interview:

You said you took up Bigg Boss to step out of your father, Kumar Sanu’s, shadow. Do you think you have been successful in doing so?

Yes, because people know me as Jaan now. My father is a legendary singer and to even live up to his name is a big deal. But if I had taken that route, I wouldn't have been able to sustain. Trying to carry his legacy forward would not have been a good decision for me as he is a huge name. I wanted to make my own identity and I have been successful to do that with Bigg Boss. I now have my own fan following and people now love me.

What was your childhood like being raised by a single parent?

I started singing at the age of three. I had no clue who my father was. I got to know about him being such a big name in the industry much later in my life. I realised the depth of the situation only when I was seven-eight years old. But by then, I had decided to take up singing. I really love music. Growing up, there was no pressure from my mom’s side and she’s always trusted me on making my own choices when it comes to singing too. My childhood was amazing and even now, there are a lot of things that I carry from that time and I am extremely proud of it. 

Your father mentioned how he tried to help you professionally. But you differ from his claims...

When Salman Khan sir asked me if my father had helped me professionally, I had said no. But I wasn’t complaining as it was a reaction to the talk between me and Rahul Vaidya. My mom and dad both believe that you only have respect for what you earn yourself rather than something that comes to you easily. If something comes to you on a platter, you might not respect it. My father is a self-made man and that’s deeply rooted in me. Based on that, I said what I said and clarified it to Salman sir post the entire episode with Rahul about nepotism.


Have you sorted out the differences with your father after your eviction?

Bigg Boss has given me a platform, something that every artiste dreams of. I have got the chance to be heard and showcase my talent. That was the goal when I chose to go to the Bigg Boss house. On the personal front, I have not been able to speak to my dad because of our hectic schedules. My life has changed after Bigg Boss and I have been working, so I haven’t got a chance to sit and speak with him about whatever happened. But when we do, a lot of things will become clearer to both of us. 

From your comments on Nikki Tamboli to your fight with Nishant Singh Malkani, you created a stir in the house during your stay…

It wasn’t something planned and I don’t think much with my brain, more with my heart. So whatever I was feeling at that particular time, I sort of went ahead with it and acted upon it. The whole dialogue with Nishant and other things were not a part of my strategy. 

If given a chance to go back into the house, what would you like to change about your game?

I wouldn’t go back, because of the challengers that are now there. But yes, if I really do, I would stop trusting people. That’s my biggest flaw. I assume people to be along the same lines as me. I would like to change that about me. 

With Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction and Aly Goni’s reaction, how do you think the game will change?

I have not been following Bigg Boss. But I was disheartened to know about Jasmin’s eviction. I genuinely hope that Jasmin and Aly stay together as they are compatible with each other. I wish everything gets sorted at their end.


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