How To Stay Motivated While Working From Home

How To Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Maintaining this motivation in 2024 requires a proactive and holistic approach

Dr Hansaji YogendraUpdated: Friday, February 09, 2024, 04:27 PM IST
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Post the pandemic, work from home arrangements became increasingly common. Working from home offers flexibility and autonomy, it also presents unique challenges that can affect emotional and physical well-being. Looking into the complexities of remote work in 2024, it becomes evident that staying motivated often becomes challenging.

Emotional challenges

The lack of daily face-to-face interactions can diminish the sense of belonging and connection to a larger team and create feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The constant accessibility facilitated by digital technology can result in an ‘always-on’ mentality, leading to burnout and fatigue.

Remote work makes it challenging to switch off from work-related stressors.

Feeling of missing out

Remote employees may feel excluded from important discussions or office-decisions.

This sense of exclusion can erode morale and engagement over time, as individuals perceive themselves as outsiders rather than team members.

You may miss out on immediate feedback and constructive criticism typically provided through face-to-face interactions.

Physical challenges

Space constraints may limit the ability to create an ergonomic workstation, leading to poor posture and discomfort. 

Prolonged periods of sitting can contribute to musculoskeletal issues such as back pain and stiffness, further exacerbating the physical toll of remote work.

Time management

Without the structure of a traditional office environment, you may struggle to manage your time effectively.

Distractions such as household chores, family obligations, or personal errands can encroach on work hours, leading to procrastination and inefficiency.

The pressure to be constantly available and responsive can impede relaxation and leisure activities, contributing to increased stress and burnout.

The solutions

In light of these challenges, maintaining motivation while working from home in 2024 requires a proactive and holistic approach.

Remember the benefits

Remember the financial benefits of your job.

Be grateful for the time and energy you can save on commuting.

Be appreciative of the flexibility work-from-home offers.

Mindset revamp

Repeatedly remind yourself that just because you work from home doesn’t mean the value of your work is lesser or that your career is secondary.

Create a vison-board for your yearly career achievements.

Establish a routine

Set consistent working hours to create a sense of structure.

Designate a dedicated workspace, separate from personal areas.

Stay connected

Share successes with managers to remain engaged with office hierarchy and create a positive feedback loop.

Contribute effectively to important organisational decisions

Utilise communication platforms effectively to stay in touch with team members.

Minimise distractions

Identify common distractions and keep away from them.

Communicate your schedule and boundaries with your family members to minimise interruptions.

Say no to additional commitments that may interfere with work priorities.

Practice self-care

Prioritise self-care activities such as exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep and stretches to refresh the mind and body.

Incorporate short breaks throughout the day to prevent burnout and maintain productivity.

Practise mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress and enhance focus.

Seek support from friends, family, or professional networks when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.


WFH requires will-power and clarity of thought. To acquire these mental qualities, I would suggest the consistent practice of Parvatasana. This asana will help you instil the stability, steadfastness and resoluteness of the lofty mountains. 

It offers numerous benefits like:

Improved physical and mental stability, resembling the unwavering nature of a mountain.

Improved posture and alignment, reducing strain on the spine and shoulders caused by prolonged sitting.

Enhanced concentration and focus 

Promotes relaxation and stress relief, creating a sense of calm amidst the challenges of remote work.

Here’s how you can practice Parvatasana:

Sit erect in Padmasana or Sukhasana, hands at the sides and palms facing upwards. 

Inhaling, raise both your arms upwards and join your palms above your head.

Keep your arms stretched, straight and close to your ears; your abdomen should be gently pulled in and your back straight.

Fix your gaze at a single point ahead.

Maintain this position for six seconds, retaining your breath. Posture release.

While exhaling, turn your palm outwards, keeping your arms straight bring them down to the sides.

Embody the steadfastness of a mountain to find clarity and calm within you, which will help you navigate the challenges of WFH. Feeling unmotivated in WFH situations can happen to anyone. What is important, is to not lose focus and go down a negative thought spiral about your self-worth and professional abilities. By consistently using these techniques and behavioural modifications you can navigate this particular set of professional challenges with ease and effectiveness.

(Dr Hansaji Yogendra is the director of The Yoga Institute. She is also the president of the Indian Yoga Association and the International Board of Yoga.)


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