Digi-healing: Zooming through the world of online experts amid Covid-19 lockdown

As the pandemic and prolonged lockdowns wreak havoc on our mental health, online help has now become a necessity. With numerous therapists, yoga gurus, meditation experts and life coaches just a Zoom call away, it is up to us to choose the right practice and the right professional

Pooja Prabbhan | Updated on: Sunday, May 02, 2021, 12:28 AM IST


As the world grapples with the deadliest viral outbreak in recent memory, the need to incorporate self-help techniques to cope with life’s uncertainties has gained prominence like never before. Whether it’s a new form of healing or just an ancient meditative practise, succour for our soul and relief for an overworked brain is now just a click away.

Given the toll that the pandemic has taken on our mental health, this help is invaluable, and very welcome. However, it also begs the question of efficacy and reliability. Social media does a good job of promoting online help, and rightly so. But, it is incumbent on as individuals to be sure about the kind of help we need, and tap the right resource.

Ride the wave, but exercise caution

While the concept of digi-healing might seem lucrative, experts warn against signing up for a service on a whim. A volley of healers is of the opinion that online healing might amass popularity in unprecedented times like these, but will never replace in-person conversations and consultations.

“This new wave of online learning, counselling and healing is of course helping lot of people globally to cope with the hard times as it transcends boundaries of time and space. But in my experience, people still want to learn and take the healing session in person,” opines Neha S, a healer from Bangalore, who adds that in the small window of permitted travel most of her clients and students travelled from all over the country to take in-person sessions. “Clients who learnt online, sill came back to repeat the same course in-person as that is more satisfying for them. To see, talk and spend time with the healer in-person is much more effective rather than just online for clients. Though the quality of healing does not depend on online/offline sessions,” she explains.

Corroborating that sentiment, Sheelaa Bajaj, a Dubai-based numerologist and tarot card reader adds that online counselling and healing fora will find takers as long as the quality is not compromised upon. “While the trend will continue, only those with authenticity will survive. Every second person is doing weekend and online programs and calling themselves a healer with 15 -20 years of experience. Honestly, how can you tell? New age fly-by-night healers/tarot readers can do more damage than good as you don’t know the spiritual force that guides them. One must be extremely cautious who they consult with and their background,” she warns.


Commit to helping yourself

“Self-help techniques are helpful when followed with discipline. Most people expect change instantly, whereas it needs patience! People feel the success of self-help techniques is based on self-help experts, but in reality, it depends on how we understand ourselves,” begins Varron Appaiah, a tarot card reader, healer and entrepreneur from Bengaluru. He adds that one must be fully invested in the practise chosen. “Be open to look inside yourself and see what needs to be worked on. Opening up with a meditation expert who is calm and makes you comfortable is important, as is the expert’s ability to listen and connect you to the universe through the practise. That’s what makes him/her unique and in a position to help you,” he states.

Thinking along similar lines; Prarthana Sampath, a healer from Singapore, who does psychic readings, cutting chords healing and psychic divination counselling, states that healing practises if conducted with persistence, can help repair, alter, and gradually transform your energies.


She says, “A meditation expert for me, is someone who is mindful, patient, non-judgmental, compassionate and supportive. Beginners who start off with meditation often get restless, can’t stop thinking, aren’t consistent, can’t let go of emotions and feel that it takes too long to complete even a 10-12-minute session. A meditation expert helps in overcoming these challenges and transforming the mindset from ‘meditation is so boring and not for me’ to ‘I can’t start my day or end my day without meditation’. That aside, it is imperative for a self-help technique to help you make peace with your reality, and not manipulate you into believing that pseudo-happiness is the way out.”

According to her, a self-help technique should set you free and unleash the “real you” and not tie you down to be moulded into another person’s or society’s perception of reality.

Enjoy the process

For those starting out, experts caution against pushing yourself too hard. Perfection comes once you start enjoying the process. “My forte lies in Psychic reading, where I get access into a person’s energy and see snippets of the past, present and future. Getting connected to your own self is blissful and satisfying. Honestly, the body position doesn’t really matter during meditation as long as your mind and soul are aligned,” says Archhana, an Akashic psychic reader and healer who hails from Bengaluru.

Irrespective of the kind of healing practise that you choose, the key is to be at ease, enjoying it and deciding for yourself whether it contributes to your well-being, suggests Bengaluru-based chakra healer, Akira. “Chakra healing is a modality to cleanse the chakras of individuals. This helps cleanse the aura, remove old blockages, help people release their inner fears and traumas,” she says.

Online resources are there to help you. But which form of assistance you choose and who you choose to help you on your journey is up to you. With due diligence, you are bound to make the right choice!


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Published on: Sunday, May 02, 2021, 07:00 AM IST