From Flower Therapy to Chakra Healing: Enter the world of Alternate Healing Therapies

Alternative healing therapies that have been gained popularity over the past few years and more so during the lockdown

Disha PrashantUpdated: Saturday, July 11, 2020, 07:12 PM IST
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We are halfway through 2020, but secretly we are not adding this year to our age bar for we have not been legitimately in the momentum. Keeping jokes apart, the pandemic opened Pandora’s box and we were faced with a quandary of mental health issues. While mental health professionals are putting their best foot forward to help people cope up with pandemic, many are gravitating towards alternative standardised therapies that have been helping people keep their mental well-being intact.

Chakra Healing

Hearing the name, you might instantly switch over the religious button. But, before jumping to conclusion, it is important to understand what Chakra healing is. Religious texts and books have consistently notified that the body is made of five primary elements: Earth, fire, wind, water and ether (space). The concept of Chakra healing revolves around these elements and takes a deeper look at it both scientifically and holistically.

“The human body has seven main chakras, three minor chakras and a total of 114 chakras. The seven chakras are primarily the basic organs which begin from the spine to the stomach to the head. The minor chakras comprise of joints in the body and the rest comprise of the neuron system. It is through Chakra healing that we awaken these chakras and bring in the positive energy to help unclog blockages. Over-thinking and anxiety are the trigger booster of an underlying ailment which gradually start making our body as a home and it is with the help of Chakra meditation that we help eradicate these mental impediments,” said Sanjh Sharma, CBT therapist and Chakra healer.

Chakra healing has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. Experts in these fields are now trying to interconnect Chakra and yoga for a healthier life and better immunity. Considered as one of the most sought after and reliable source of alternative therapy, Chakra healing has helped people overcome anxiety.

Illustrating the process of the therapy Sanjh said, “The primary step is to have a word with the individual and help them open up about the issue and try and identify the crux of the issue. This is followed by detailed mantra chanting with apt hand mudras. The session ends with meditation and sitting in silence for a while. As and how your concentration passage increases you gradually feel relaxed. It is important for people to understand that Chakra healing is no magic and that it takes its own sweet time plus the patient’s faith in the therapy for a successful healing.”

Flower Therapy

Medicinal sources that come from nature have been beneficial for people suffering from mental and physical problems. And, flower therapy makes use of everything that nature has to offer to cope with emotional and physical stress.

Damini Tandan, a telepathic animal communicator and a Bach flower therapist, has been using this therapy to help animals. “The term Bach comes from Dr Edward Bach who was a British physician and the founder and creator of Bach flower remedies who identified 38 flowers that had energy healing remedies that included the pattern of energy of the flower. These flowers were dipped in spring water and the rays of the sun were suspended through it,” Damini explains.

Each flower remedy responds to a different emotional state. And, hence it is important to understand which might work best for you. To give an example, Agrimony, which a part of Bach’s remedy, helps a person open up and communicate his/her feelings in a better manner. At times, physical abrasion or emotional turmoil leads to severe trauma. Many times people find it difficult to establish the triggering element of the trauma which is when Agrimony comes to the rescue. Explaining the said procedure Damini said, “In cases where patients are unable to understand the underlying factor of their problem, we conduct Agrimony through which we help open emotional blockages and get to the root of the problem.”

Chinthana Gopinath is the owner of Scoobydubdub which runs by the tagline of chemical free, all natural, conditioning, healing, anti-parasitic canine skin solutions which is also beneficial for humans. “There are certain flowers that help deal with issues like insomnia and anxiety as well as irritable skin issues. Chamomile tea which is made out of shade-dried chamomile flowers helps in inducing sleep and release anxiety. This remedy is not just applicable to humans, but also to animals,” she says.

The web is a den of resources. However, many a times we end up walking on the thorny path thanks to deceiving content. When asked about finding access to these remedies Chinthana said, “There are legions of reliable resources on the web. However, one needs to filter them to find the apt source. It is important to understand that these resources come from the nature and that one needs to educate themselves before consumption.”

Crystal and Pranic Healing

Another theory that is widely followed and practiced is crystal healing. Crystal healing is categorised under the banner of pseudoscientific alternative therapies that make use of semiprecious stones namely quartz, amethyst, opals and corals for healing. These stones are said to have energy healing elements which help promote emotional well being. While many do believe in the power of crystals there has been no scientific base to this therapy.

Pranic healing or energy healing relates with PRANA and which believes in the philosophy that the body has the power to heal itself. Prominently known as “no touch” therapy pranic healing uses “life energy” to expedite the mechanism of self healing.

Still in nascent stage

Alternative medicinal healing or therapies are still in its nascent stage and yet to be acknowledged by people. Over the years, credence in allopathy has been intense and hence people are yet to be thoroughly educated about these kinds of therapies.

“Any form of therapy or medicine needs the individual’s will and belief that they will he healed. Whether pranic healing or medicinal drugs it all depends upon how much the individual wishes to be a part of the process. With regards to Bach flower therapy people have witnessed a gradual shift in their energies and have witnessed the healing. In cases of physical trauma or mental trauma Bach flower remedies have been very helpful,” Damini said.

It is believed and circulated that alternative therapies help in healing chronic illnesses. Abjuring this theory Manoj Soral, a floral therapist with over 25 years of experience, said, “These therapies do not heal chronic illness, but help in healing emotional baggage that tags along with it. Chronic illnesses call for severe treatments which lead to massive emotional breakdowns which can be healed with alternative medicines.”

When asked whether alternative therapies have any side effects Manoj said, “These therapies have no adverse effects on the patient since they are naturally made. On the other hand, these remedies have had positive effects on individuals and have helped them heal faster both emotionally and physically.”

Due to lack of exposure people are yet to explore the reach of alternative therapies. The pandemic, however, saw a sudden shift with people opting for natural healing procedures. Doctors, too, are gradually accepting these kinds of alternative therapies, to an extent that some suggesting parallel therapies along with basic medications. The time is not too far when allopathy and alternative medicine would collectively find remedies to the deadliest of viruses.

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