Budweiser - how many calories are there in one bottle?
Budweiser - how many calories are there in one bottle?

On Thursday, a news report claiming that a Budweiser employee urinated in beer tanks for 12 years went viral on the internet. As the report lacked credibility, it's safe to assume that the news is untrue. While, your favorite beer may not have 'pee' in it, the calorie count in a Budweiser bottle may force some to rethink their brand.

The Budweiser from Budějovice has been called 'The Beer of Kings' since the 16th century. Composed of fermented rice, hops, barley malt, yeast and water, Budweiser is one of the top-selling beers in the United States. The American-style pale lager is brewed by Anheuser-Busch in various breweries around the world. Its beech-wood chip aging system is what gives the beer the signature taste.

While malt gives it the colour and sugar helps in fermentation, yeast is the key flavour. The hops give the beer spice, aroma and bitterness and rice helps Budweiser achieve a crisp flavour. These ingredients provide vitamins and minerals that can help meet the body's daily requirements as they are high in vitamin E, C and B-complex.

According to myfitnesspal, a 330ml bottle of Budweiser has 132 calories and 35g carbs. You would need to do 20-minutes of cycling, 12-minutes of running and 48-minutes of cleaning to burn the calories in a Budweiser beer.

However, Budweiser's calorie count is still lesser than a 330ml bottle of standard Heineken, which has 139 calories and Corona Extra, which has 148 calories per bottle.

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