Madhya Pradesh: Oxygen tanker reaches Nagda from 10,000 km, gets empty in an hour

Saluja brothers are supplying oxygen free since last 50 years.

FP News Service | Updated on: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 06:15 PM IST


Nagda: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic people are running from pillar to post to arrange oxygen and in such a situation Saluja brothers are supplying oxygen to people free of cost. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning in the presence of tehsildar they filled the cylinders of 200 people free of cost.

Two young men of the city, Manindar Saluja and Manjeet Saluja, who are brothers, are playing an important role in providing free oxygen cylinders and benefitting people of rural areas including Mandsaur, Barnagar, Jaora, Ujjain and Neemuch. Last night, at around 11 pm, 200 people were waiting for their turn to get oxygen cylinders refilled at Mandeep Industries plant in Bhagatpuri. Due to technical fault in the tanker of the oxygen cylinder, it reached the plant at around 4 am. Tehsildar Ashish Khare himself was present on the spot and heard the woes of the people. Manindar and Manjeet refilled free oxygen cylinders for 200 persons after the tanker reached the plant at four in the morning.

On one side behind the curtain, Kamal Gokhale, keeps camping for 15 days in Gujarat or Maharashtra or Orissa to fill oxygen tankers for both brothers. A person from Unhel reached the Bhagatpuri plant and played live video on Facebook at around three o'clock and told everyone how devoted the Saluja family is towards humanity. Small industrialists Manidar and Manjeet said that the journey of providing free oxygen cylinders to the sick people has been going on for almost 50 years due to the inspiration from their father Harbhajan Singh Saluja, besides providing free coal and other materials in the mass feasts that are held in the city.

Manindar informed that Oxygen worth Rs 6.15 lakhs was distributed in a single hour.


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Published on: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 06:15 PM IST