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Dhar: Amid ongoing pandemic, Dhar district which already facing a shortage of oxygen, beds, and medicines, now days facing low vaccination rate.

Dhar district with a population of 21.8 lakh vaccinated around 1.7 lakh people till Wednesday evening accounting less than 10 percent of its population in more than 50 days after the second phase of vaccination began.

District once witnessed the highest percentage of vaccination during the four-day long Tika Utsav organised between April 11 and 14. Now in the past few days, forget about record percentage, health department fails to achieve half of their daily target.

Madhya Pradesh: Only 10 percent vaccinated in Dhar, district faces shortage of oxygen, beds, and medicines

As per the information, the district recorded 1.4 lakh vaccination till April 12, but in next 10 days district only recorded 30,000 vaccination in its 14 blocks.

It is to be mentioned that Dhar district comprising a majority of tribal-dominated development blocks recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases after Indore district in Indore division. District recorded 6,608 novel coronavirus cases. With 5,704 recoveries and 82 deaths, district still have 822 active cases.

One of an accredited social health activist (ASHA) from the district on condition of anonymity says she is finding it difficult to convince villagers to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Villagers threatened us that if we insisted on the vaccination, they would not allow us to enter the village,” she said.
She added that villagers had a number of reasons to avoid vaccination, some are afraid that vaccination could put their lives in danger or some afraid of mild fever as they could not afford a day off work during such a tight situation.

“I tell them that I have myself gotten vaccinated and I am still healthy,” ASHA worker said, “They say you can risk death if you want, why should we?”

When contacted district vaccination officer Sudhir Modi admitted low turnout for vaccination in a different block. Modi said that entire field employees engaged in the vaccination delivering their best efforts to increase vaccination percentage, but villagers hardly bother to get themselves vaccinate. Even at some places, our employees are getting threat from the villagers.

When contacted additional collector Saloni Sidana said our team is continuously working. Entire state witnessing low turnout nowadays. She added that we cannot take action against those who have not been vaccinated, entire field team trying their best to convince people and get them vaccinated.

Dhar district vaccination status as on April 12

Blocks. Daily Target. Target Achieved. Percentage

Badnawar. 950. 1697. 178.63

Teesgaon. 450. 605. 134.44

Tirla. 350. 401. 114.57

Sardarpur. 2400. 2519. 104.95

Bagh. 600. 611. 101.83

Kukshi. 750. 799. 106.53

Dahi 200. 202. 101

Nisarpur. 700. 708. 101.14

Gandhwani. 350. 499. 142.57

Manawar 800. 990. 123.75

Bakaner 500. 718. 143.6

Dhamnod 650. 837. 128.76

Nalchha 900. 1792. 199.11

Urban Dhar. 400. 953. 238.25

Total. 10000. 13331. 133.31

Dhar district vaccination status as on April 21

Blocks Daily Target. Target Achieved %centage

Badnawar. 900 216. 24.00

Teesgaon. 400. 23. 5.75

Tirla. 550. 31. 5.63

Sardarpur. 1000. 66. 6.60

Bagh. 300. 51. 17.00

Kukshi. 650. 120. 18.46

Dahi. 350. 36. 10.28

Nisarpur. 550. 159. 28.90

Gandhwani. 400. 71. 17.75

Manawar 400. 198. 49.50

Bakaner 400. 57. 14.25

Dhamnod 600. 193. 32.16

Nalchha 1300. 219. 16.84

Urban Dhar. 500. 115. 23.00

Total 8300. 1555. 18.73

In last one week, district witnessed 1249 new cases, 1013 recoveries

Dhar: Amid decreasing vaccination percentage, Dhar district recorded 1249 new novel coronavirus cases in the last one week (between April 15 and 21). This is around 19 percent of the total number of Covid-19 cases since the pandemic outbreak in the district. District recorded the highest 198 cases on April 19.

Meanwhile, the district also witnessed a good number of recoveries in the last week as well. Total 1013 (around 17.75 per cent of total recoveries) got discharged from different hospitals during this period. On April 15, as many 211 people got discharged from the hospitals after they overcome the Covid-19, followed by 203 on April 20.

Dhar district last one week report

Date. No of C+ cases. No of discharge

April 15. 162. 211

April 16. 170. 108

April 17. 168. 104

April 18. 163 131

April 19. 198. 154

April 20 194 203

April 21. 194. 102

Total. 1249. 1013

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