Madhya Pradesh: Injection useful to corona patients selling at Rs 1L

BHOPAL: There is an acute shortage of Tocilizumab injection which is given to the serious patients afflicted with the coronavirus. This has happened after the scarcity of Remdesivir vials.

Tocilizumab shots are given to those whose lungs have been highly infected.

This injection is generally given to those who are down with joints pain, but it is being used to cure the serious corona cases. It has helped many.

There is an acute shortage of this injection, too. As a result, it is available in the black market now.

Although the injection is not available in the market, some people are selling it in the black market.

The injection that costs Rs 40,000 is selling at Rs 100,000. Some people are seeking information about this injection through social media, that they may buy it.

People want to know where this injection may be available. The doctors are prescribing this injection for the serious corona patients, but it is not available in market.

Director of AIIMS in Bhopal, Sarman Singh, says this injection is useful to critical corona patients.

Singh, however, says it is not good for every patient and can be given to those who are down with cytokine storm.

In some cases, it has produced good results, he adds.

A medicine trader says there is an acute shortage of this injection in the market.

He has said there are instructions that Tocilizumab injection should not be sold to anyone without the knowledge of the administration.

It is because of the scarcity of medicines and injections that, most of the stockists have stopped taking about Tocilizumab and Remdesivir injections.

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