Updated on: Sunday, June 06, 2021, 12:09 AM IST

Indore: Saving precious vaccine by onsite registration, over 29K shots saved in 20 days




Indore: Vaccine is an ‘Elixir’ for preventing the third wave of COVID-19 and every dose is precious.

Working on the same lines, district health officers have saved over 29,449 doses from being wasted by administering it to people through an onsite registration facility.

Department had started administering vaccine doses which were left as people didn’t show up at the centres even after booking online slots from May 15 and over 29,000 doses were saved till June 5.

“It was painful to see the doses going to waste as we cannot keep the vial of the vaccine in the open after 4 hours. The government had directed us to save the doses anyhow after which we started creating virtual IDs in the last hour of the session to inoculate people through onsite registration with the leftover vaccines,” district immunization officer Dr Pravin Jadia said.

He added that earlier only fresh vials were used but later they started using all the leftover vaccine doses for the people waiting through onsite registration.

The department could save the highest number of doses on May 2 i.e. over 4,307 which were administered to the people in waiting through on the spot registration.

“On Saturday, we have the target of vaccinating about 93,000 people and we could vaccinate over 75,000 people which is the highest number of people vaccinated in one day. These 75,000 people include 66,610 people between 18 and 44 years of age. As the second dose for people above 18 years has also been scheduled, 197 people were vaccinated with the same,” immunization officer Dr Tarun Gupta said.

The department could vaccinate over 11 lakh people with the first dose in city and over 2.5 lakh people have taken the second dose.


Vaccination done on Saturday

Total sessions held: 317

Health care workers (1st dose): 16

Health care workers (2nd dose): 15

Front line workers (1st dose): 5

Front line workers (2nd dose): 14

18 to 44 years (1st dose): 66610

18 to 44 years (2nd dose): 197

45 to 60 years (1st dose): 6443

45 to 60 years (2ndt dose): 745

Above 60 years (1st dose): 641

Above 60 years (2nd dose): 323

Total: 75,009


Saved vaccine from wastage

Date Doses

May 15 46

May 17 45

May 19 262

May 20 650

May 21 618

May 22 640

May 23 810

May 24 1265

May 27 2794

May 28 3426

May 29 3584

May 31 4126

June 2 4307

June 3 2915

June 4 807

June 5 3124

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Published on: Sunday, June 06, 2021, 12:09 AM IST