Here are some natural remedies for treating headaches and migraine

Today, headaches and migraines are very common in India. While popping a pill is not a solution to every problem, it is best when treated naturally by making a few lifestyle amendments. In today’s fast-paced life, our lifestyle is one of the major causes of various physical ailments. Some of the common reasons could be lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy gut health, dehydration, excess caffeine consumption, vitamin deficiency, prolonged hours in the sun and irregular meal timings.

Constipation with weak gut health and lack of quality sleep can be attributed as two major causes of headaches and migraines. The key here is to treat the root cause of the issue rather than fixing it temporarily. Following remedies can help people naturally treat headaches and migraines:

Black peppercorn: Peppercorns contain an enzyme called 'piperine,' which is anti-inflammatory, helps cut down swelling and also gets rid of the pain in the affected area. Hence, it is thought of as a natural painkiller. Black peppercorns are also rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals, far more than any ingredient.

Ginger-cinnamon tea: Ginger has a natural oil which contains chemical compounds that treats inflammation, nausea, and vomiting. Ginger can also increase levels of serotonin, which acts as a chemical messenger during migraine attacks. Increasing serotonin can help your migraines by reducing inflammation and constricting blood vessels. Adding cinnamon also helps reduce inflammation.

One drop of white sesame oil in both nostrils: Sesame oil relaxes the body and dismisses gases that cause the head pressure. In order to relieve the pressure created in the head, put one drop of sesame oil in both nostrils once a day till the migraine attack lasts and inhale deeply.

Apply lavender essential oil on temples: Lavender essential oil has an all-around soothing scent, which is known for being super relaxing. When applied on the temples, it can ease stress that could cause the tension in the back and neck muscles which ends up causing a headache.

Remember the first step to reversing any health issue is right awareness and knowledge. Once we are informed with the right knowledge, the next step is applying that knowledge to day to day life.

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