Kathmandu Connection review: This Amit Sial-starrer is a typical crime thriller, but the twists keep you hooked

The 1993 serial blasts are something that no one in India from that generation can ever forget. The fear among the masses was spread all over the country. The investigation that followed after the blasts became a topic of discussion everywhere. Sachin Pathak’s Kathmandu Connection opens up about things that happened before and after the serial blasts. It’s short and crisp with just six-episodes laden with some good twists and turns. Editor Nikhil Parihar needs to be thanked for this.

The writing of Kathmandu Connection by Siddharth Mishra is layered with typical things in such investigation dramas. A shady encounter of a wrong target leads to a brainwashed youth wanting to take revenge, which makes this a typical cop story. To add to it, we also have a Dawood lookalike, with his face hidden from the audiences for pretty much the entirety of the show – clichés, and more clichés. However, the writing is good because you are not forced into the narrative. From one plot to the next, the screenplay moves smoothly. However, not all plotlines are as overwhelming as you would imagine in a crime thriller. But, in the end, you are made to rethink all of it and that gives you enough thrills.

Kathmandu Connectionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LGrzIRR6Hc

Amit Sial is in his element as a cop. The subtle nuances that he gets into his performance make Kathmandu Connection watchable. His dialect is apt, his expressions are layered and, without a doubt, he aces the portrayal of a cop with grey shades. You’ll be left wondering whether to like him for his bravery or consider his acts sheer stupidity. Amit knows how to take a character that doesn’t have enough and turn it into something brilliant. His performance in Kathmandu Connection is a fine example of the same.

Besides Amit, Anshumaan Pushkar as Sunny has another memorable performance. He is a perfect blend of good and bad, and even in minimal screen time, he manages to keep you hooked on to the act. Aksha Pardasany’s act is a welcome change from what she has usually been seen in before in South cinema. However, her journalist act could have been toughened up a bit more. The real Shivani Bhatnagar, on whose life Aksha’s character is based, was a tough nut to crack.

Talking about the downside, Kathmandu Connection has numerous plotlines, which you’ll be left wondering about once the show gets over. It could be that the makers are trying to keep the intensity going for a second season, but still, I would have loved to see some definite closures.

The best part about Kathmandu Connection is that the characters have been written and panned out really well. Nothing looks exaggerated and you’re not bogged down with the weight of the backstories of all the characters. It’s on point and crisp. The thrill factor is apt and makes you want to watch it all over again. Without a doubt, it’s my pick of the week.

Title: Kathmandu Connection

Director: Sachin Patnaik

Cast: Amit Sial, Anshuman Pushkar, Aksha Pardasany

Streaming on: Sony LIV

Rating: 4 stars

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