Weapons Vs salary: Merely .22 % for arms and 72.95 % for salaries of cops in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: Every year the police department is curtailing its budget to purchase arms and ammunition for the force. The Assembly has passed the budget of Rs 8,57,40,906 for the police department, for the financial year 2021-22. Of this .22 per cent has been allocated for purchase of arms and ammunition, while 72.95 per cent will go into disbursement of salaries and allowances to police personnel.

Presently in the state around 1.30 lakh police personnel are present and every year more and more recruitment are taking place.

As the size of the police department is increasing year by year and in comparison the department is allotting less amount of rupees to purchase the arms and ammunition.

The other states of the nation are spending a good amount on the modernisation of their police force and also providing the ultra modern arms and ammunition to face the challenges of the modern era. But in state MP the story is different.

The most of the amount of the budget as 72.95 per cent is allocated to the police department spent on their salaries and allowances. For the salaries more than 58 per cent and for the allowances more than 14 per cent of the budget will be spent.

But for the other requirements the budget allocation is like a drop in the ocean. To purchase the arms and ammunition 0.22 per cent of the budget had been allocated for the FY-2021-22. This amount is gradually decreasing year by year, in the FY-2019-20 the allocation was 0.43 per cent, in the next year it dropped to 0.35 per cent. For IPS the state spent only 0.55 per cent of the budget for their salaries and 0.13 for the dearness allowances. And for the state police services and for the personnel posted in the districts the department spends 72.95 per cent of the budget.

Rs 17 lakh for cyber security

The police and the home minister always talk about the new challenges of the new crime, which is cyber crime. The department has only allocated Rs 17 lakh, around Rs 6 lakh will be spent in purchasing the new software and Rs 10 lakh will be spent to manage the old software.The amount is less than the 0.1 percent of the total budget.

Food allocation cut down: For the food in the FY-2019-20, Rs 18.32 crore were allocated, in the next year the amount was increased to Rs 19.69 crore but for the FY 2021-22 Rs 18.53 crore has been allocated.

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