BHOPAL: Sporting masks may have been dinned into the public mind because of the corona pandemic, but only a few seriously wear it.

Some people put masks below their nose keeping it exposed to the virus. Everyone knows the snout is sensitive to the coronavirus.

Many of them sport it below the chin. The entire face remains open giving a chance to the virus to enter the body.

In New Market, a man was seen wearing a mask around his forehead. He put it properly following the advice of some passers-by.

Wearing masks has turned into a formality for a few people in the city. They may spread the disease.

In Kasturba Nagar, three persons were taking to each other having masks below their nose. Standing among them was Manoj Tiwari, a government employee.

When asked about the reasons for his sporting mask below his snout, Tiwari said the face cover seals his mouth as the cork does to a bottle.

When he talks to someone he puts it below his nose, though he is aware of its consequences, he said.

A businessman in MP Nagar zone-1 Ram is no exception. He kept the mask around his neck. The white mask looked like a necklace.

Ram, however, is not in the habit of wearing the mask in this manner and he had to do it because of the sweltering heat, he said. He, however, did not wear it properly.

Likewise, a scooter mechanic in MP Nagar zone-1, Ajay Singh, wore the mask around his neck. When asked about the reason for it Singh said if he had covered his face with the mask he would not be able to work.

A vegetable seller Suresh Kuswaha in Professors Colony put the mask below the mouth. Covering his face with a mask would scupper his business, because he would lose the ability to call customers.

The corona positive cases are on the rise. Yet, people are not serious about wearing mask properly.

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