Bhopal: Will this year's rains bring more black fungus? Doctors divided in their opinion

BHOPAL: Doctors differ in their opinions on the growth of black fungal infection in the rainy season. A section of the doctors says that the moisture in the atmosphere will help it grow, while another section says that it has nothing to with weather as it is directly linked to the immune system of the body which is compromised due to administration of steroids in pandemic times.

Steroids were given in many cases even before the pandemic, but black fungus cases were not reported. It is the prolonged use of steroids which is suppressing immunity.

Weather not the cause

"Black fungal infection has nothing to do with the weather, so its virulence will not spread in the rainy season. It is not a common fungus which grows in the rainy season Itís directly related with the immunity of a person which is compromised due to steroids administered for treatment of Covid cases. The fungus is found everywhere, but, because of the bodyís resistance, it canít infect a person. But now, with suppressed immune systems and fluctuating sugar levels, the fungus is growing in the nasal cavity, eyes and other parts of the body."- ENT Amit Ganguly

Only time will tell

"In moisture-laden conditions, fungus grows as a general trend. Moisture plays an important role in the growth of fungus. So, in the rainy season, itíll grow with moisture. In my opinion, black, white and even yellow fungal infection will grow in the rainy season. With immunity already being suppressed, itíll spread with moisture in the atmosphere, but only time will tell how itís behaving. With the declining number of corona cases, the number of black fungal infection cases may also reduce."- Dr ID Chaurasia, neurologist, Hamidia Hospital

Look at the last time

"It's been seen that, even for patients in home isolation, a number of black fungus cases has been detected just because they continue to take steam. So, moisture will provide favourable conditions for the growth of black fungus. Second, steroids were given in many cases even earlier, but it didnít develop fungus. But, this time around, because of the prolonged use of steroids, the bodyís immunity is suppressed. So, with the help of moisture, it grows. But, in my opinion, with the decline in the number of Covid cases, itíll reduce. Last time, too, the number of cases went down in the rainy season. So, this time, too, the number of corona cases has started reducing and black fungal infection cases will also go down,"- Dr Subroto Mandal, cardiologist.

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