Why is #ArrestMunawarFaruqui trending on Twitter?
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On Thursday, Ramesh Solanki, a Hindutva activist and former Shiv Sena member, filed an online complaint with Mumbai Police against standup comedian Munawar Faruqui for "mocking Sri Ram and Sita Maata".

Taking to Twitter, Solanki wrote, "Filed online complaint with @MumbaiPolice against hate monger @FaruquiMunawar. I request Mumbai Police to file FIR n take strict against Munavar for mocking Sri Ram and Sita Maata."

Meanwhile, #ArrestMunawarFaruqui trended on Twitter on Thursday after Faruqui's couple of videos went viral. In one video, Faruqui joked on the 2002 Godhra carnage where reportedly 58 Hindus were burnt alive in the Sabarmati Express near the Godhra railway station in Gujarat.

A Twitter user Sonam Mahajan, who is followed by top BJP leaders, posted the video. She wrote, "Watch one Munawar Faruqui making fun of the 59 dead Hindu pilgrim victims of Godhra train burning and blaming Amit Shah and the RSS for it. If anyone from RSS Bengaluru is ready to sue him, I will be happy to draft the FIR copy and extend all the support."

In another video, the standup comedian was seen taking a jibe at Lord Ram and Sita's 14-year-exile. Mahajan wrote, "You question Muhammad, you meet the fate of Kamlesh Tiwari. You crack filthy, insensitive jokes on Hindu deities, you become a secular comedian."

Others on Twitter also were angry over Faruqui's videos. A Twitter user wrote, "Bollywood & people like Munawar Faruqui mock Hindu Gods & think they can get away with it. If we don't do anyhing these hate mongers will keep abusing Hinduism. Please don’t support but boycott them all. If someone mocked Muhammad there will be a bloody war! #ArrestMunawarFaruqui."

Here are a few Twitter reactions:

This isn't the first time that Ramesh Solanki has filed an FIR. He had earlier lodged complaint against Netflix for "defaming Hindus and India" through the shows on the OTT platform. Solanki had cited examples of series like 'Sacred Games', 'Leila' and 'Ghoul', along with shows of standup comedian Hasan Minhaj to accuse Netflix of trying to "paint an incorrect picture of Hindus and India globally."

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