Updated on: Friday, January 07, 2022, 07:39 PM IST

Watch video: Grandma splits lottery prize of $300 with cashier who sold her ticket


Many try their luck to get rich overnight by winning a lottery, however what’s even rarer is people sharing their lucky spoils. On Wednesday, Marion Forrest won a $300 lottery. Unlike most people, the 86-year-old decided to share half the prize money with the cashier who sold her the Fantasy 5 lotto ticket.

The senior woman is a regular customer at Duke’s Mini Mark. Walter convinced her to buy the lottery ticket by telling her that the jackpot prize was worth $500,000.

Forrest promised the cashier that if she won the lottery, she would "take care of him".

While Forrest did not win the jackpot but she still won a $300 prize and decided to keep her word by gifting Walter $150. She surprised Walter by coming to the store with an envelope that held his share and carrying balloons that had his name on them.

In the video, Walter can be seen touched and surprised at Forrest’s gesture. “He is the sweetest guy in the world,” she said. The few people in the store can be seen cheering as the two hugged and celebrated the moment.

Other shoppers at the store can be seen cheering Forrest's kind gesture.

"He is the sweetest guy in the world," the grandma said.

Forrest and Walter then shared a hug to celebrate the win.

The viral clip has melted the hearts of netizens. It has over 2.4 lakh likes.

One user said, "What a precious lady!" Another wrote, "This is just the cutest! Kind people are my kinda people! We love you Walter!"

A third user commented, "Sooo precious. This the best of what we can be as humans!" Yet another added, "She is the sweetest for thinking of him and thanking him too."


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Published on: Friday, January 07, 2022, 07:24 PM IST