Updated on: Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 12:35 AM IST

Ujjain: Gambhir reservoir losing 3 Mc Ft water daily due to rise in temperature

Civic body mulling to revise schedule of water supply in city.
Gambhir reservoir, main source of potable water for the people of Ujjain  | FP

Gambhir reservoir, main source of potable water for the people of Ujjain | FP


Ujjain: Gambhir Dam has started drinking 3 Mc Ft of water daily due to stagnant rain and increased humidity. In five days, the dam has lost 19 Mc Ft of water to evaporation. If the situation remains the same, then the civic body may once again resort to water supply in the city will be done once in three days.

After the excellent start of Shravan, the weather has opened up completely for the last five days. Now the condition is that the day is getting very hot. Due to this the day temperature has reached 33 degrees Celsius. The night temperature also rose to 25 degrees Celsius. The increase in humidity is also affecting the storage water of Gambhir Dam. Everyday 3 Mc Ft water is getting less than the dam.

Water level in Gambhir Dam

  • Aug 12: 420 Mc Ft

  • Aug 13: 416 Mc Ft

  • Aug 14: 413 Mc Ft

  • Aug 15: Data not received due to holiday

  • Aug 16: 406 Mc Ft

  • Aug 17: 401 Mc Ft

Status of the dam

Gambhir Dam has a capacity of 2,250 Mc Ft. This year the dam has not been able to fill even 20 % of its capacity. The dam had 420 Mc Ft of water on August 12. This was the highest level of water storage this season. The main source of water in Gambhir Dam is Yashwant Sagar of Indore. Along with this, the rain water falling in Depalpur-Gautampura area also flows to the dam. This year Yashwant Sagar has not been able to fill up to its full capacity. There has not been enough rain in Depalpur-Gautampura area. Because of this the dam is empty.

Status of Kshipra’s barrage

After the rains stopped in Dewas and Indore, the water-level in Kshipra river has ebbed. There is still plenty of water in the river and all its barrages are full. At present, water supply on alternate days is also being done from Kshipra in the city.

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Published on: Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 12:35 AM IST