Ujjain: The lockdown has left employees of private sector in financial mess as many of them have not been paid even for the month of March.

Since the start of the lockdown from in March they have been out of work. Now there is no certainty whether their jobs will be secure once the restrictions pertaining to the lockdown are fully relaxed.

Around 5,000 professionals who are employed in teaching profession in various private schools and those who own their coaching centre are the worst affected. They are waiting for government to help them ward off their financial crisis.

Besides around 1,000 teachers are employed in various private schools outside the city. Free Press talked to many employees who are working in private sector about the troubles unleashed by the lockdown. Most of the people them expressed that they are overwhelmed due to the uncertainty that looms large over their job. While some teachers said that they are raring to rejoin their school but for the while they will have to face a tough time. Some private employees are of the view that government should give them financial aid for their survival in this difficult time.


“For a long time all schools and colleges are closed due to coronavirus outbreak. The government must pay attention to the problems of private employees and people must be helped financially.”–Nilofar Shaikh, assistant professor in private college

“I have not got my salary since February. People like us who are from middle income group families are not able to survive due to the financial crisis unleashed by the lockdown. Government must interfere to ensure that the education institutes pay the due salaries of their staff. It is high time that financial aid is extended to teachers of all the private educational institutions.”–Shivangi Sharma, private teacher

“Schools have taken advantage of lockdown and have not been paying their teachers. This is despite that fact that they have charged the full fees from the parents till April. In this situation thousands of teachers are worried and stressed due to financial issues. How and when the new session will start, nobody knows. Private coaching centre owners are also not able to earn for a long time.”–Farha Jabi, tutor

“Many of the teachers have been teaching their students online but they are yet to receive any fees for their work. Since most of the private employees belong to middle income group families, they are facing tough times.”–Rahul Jain, private employee

“Private employees work hard to earn their bread but in return they are facing a lot of troubles. Amid lockdown many of the employees have been jobless while some of them have not received the due salary of February-March. As the facilities are provided to government employees and other beneficiaries depending on their socio-economic status in the same way financial help should be provided for private employees.”–Rachana Solanki, private employee

“People who are employed in private sector are also humans. They are having a hard time in fulfilling their daily needs. Due to lockdown the private employees have suffered a lot and they need direct help from government. Government should at least instruct the private companies to pay the dues of their employees on time.”–Jitendra Jain, private employee

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