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Free Press Expose: Anarchy in hospitals claims another life in Ujjain, son loses father after six hospitals refused to take him in

Admin wakes up from slumber to quarantine kin after 3 days
Death/ Representative Image | FPJ

Death/ Representative Image | FPJ


Ujjain: Despite tall claims of the local administration that health facilities fall under Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) and that no hospital in the city can refuse the patient coming for treatment, the death of a 61-year-old Ashok Sharma on May 26 will leave everyone feeling disgusted about the apathy and the mismanagement that mars the whole administration and healthcare system in Ujjain.

Ashok’s son, Ankit Sharma, is yet to overcome the agony of being a victim of systemic failure which lead to the death of his father. He shared the events leading to the death of his father who used to run a flour mill in Freeganj Sabji Mandi area.

He said that he was barely able to admit his father to the seventh hospital after six hospitals refused him to treat his father. According to Ankit his had caught a lung infection so on May 26 he rushed to get him admitted into a hospital. But the prominent hospitals of the city: Tejankar, Sanjeevani, Gurunanak, Patidar, RD Gardi Medical College hospital refused to admit his father.

Not only this, when he reached dedicated Covid-19 RD Gardi Medical College hospital, he was advised to go to the District Hospital. Though he could get him admitted at 10 pm in the District Hospital, but, Ankit alleged that no treatment was given to his father till 10 am on the following day. Then for some reason the hospital declared him to be a TB patient and shifted him to CHL Hospital where Rs 31, 000 was recovered from him as expenses for the duration he was there. In the end the CHL hospital only returned his father's body over to him.

According to Ankit, he kept his father in the car, which he borrowed from a friend and kept moving from pillar to post, but every private hospital that he checked up with gave him the same response that there is no place in isolation ward and or expert doctor is not available and or ambulance is also not available. .

Shameless audacity and curtness of the system had more in store for Ankit as after losing his father he fell victim the report conundrum of the administration. As his father death was not attributed to Covid-19, Ankit paid Rs 700, received the vehicle from the hospital and carried the body of his father to Chakrateerth crematorium, where he performed his last rites. Based on the medical reports his kin also attended the funeral and continued to meet the people like usual. However, the whole family was in for another shock as on the third day of the death, when the report of the deceased came as positive and the whole family was home quarantined on the night of May 28.

Like previous occasions, for the reasons of the state, neither CMHO Mahavir Khandelwal nor any other responsible authority were available for comments till the filing of this news piece.

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Published on: Saturday, May 30, 2020, 05:10 AM IST