The Shanti Path “OM Dhyouha Shanti Hi”: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

The Shanti Path “OM Dhyouha Shanti Hi”: NJ Reddy, YPV Sadhana

NJ ReddyUpdated: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 05:45 PM IST
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Drawing inspiration from the Yajur Veda and Rig Veda, this shanti path is a mantra of Universal Blessing! Shanti mantras are generally chanted at the start and sometimes even at the end of any study, spiritual discussions or some religious rituals. They are intended to calm the people involved and their immediate environment so as to accomplish the task undertaken with ease and to achieve success. They all start with OM, which means we are calling upon Supreme Parabrahman for his grace, protection, peace and for removal of obstacles in all realms.

The Mantra

OM Dhyouha Shanti Hi, Antariksham Shanti Hi,

Prithvi Shanti Hi, Aapaha Shanti Hi, Aushadhayah Shanti Hi;

Vanaspathayah Shanti Hi, Vishvedevah Shanti Hi, Brahma Shanti Hi,

Sarvam Shanti Hi, Shaantireva Shanti Hi, Saama Shantir Edhi;

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Hi!

Literal Translation of the Words

OM : Supreme Parabrahman, manifested or unmanifested

Dhyouha : Sky

Antariksham : Beyond manifestation or space between one manifestation and another

Prithvi : Earth

Aapaha : Water

Aushadhayah : Medicinal plants

Vanaspathayah : Trees or plant kingdom

Vishvedevah : All presiding overseeing Devas of various kingdoms

Sarvam : Everything without any exception (all including)

Shaantireva : Only peace

Saama : Saa is you; Ma is me

Edhi : Be established

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Hi : Peace, Peace, Peace - be there

Meaning of the Shanti Mantra

1. “OM Dhyouha Shanti Hi”

May there be peace in the sky.

2. “Antariksham Shanti Hi”

Antariksham here actually implies beyond manifestation. At a higher level it means, between Universes, amid Galaxies, separating Constellations, in the midst of Stars, surrounding space in the middle of Sun and the Planets, amongst the Planets – essentially, shanti to be embedded everywhere, between all manifestation. May there be shanti in the midst of any two separate entities!

3. “Prithvi Shanti Hi”

Let there be shanti in the entire Earth at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Causal planes.

4. “Aapaha Shanti Hi”

Let there be shanti in water (under water, in excessive flow, like, in floods, cyclone, etc.)

5. “Aushadhayah Shanti Hi”

May there be peace in medicinal plants.

6. "Vanaspathayah Shanti Hi”

Let there be peace in trees or plant kingdom.

7. “Vishvedevah Shanti Hi”

All presiding, overseeing Devas and Nature Spirits of the Sun, air, water, akasha and fire, all Devas connected to different kingdoms, and Devas all over the Universe – may they all be blessed with shanti.

8. “Brahma Shanti Hi”

Wherever Brahman has manifested, let there be shanti. There is already shanti in Turiya, which is the fourth state on the Intuitional plane or beyond. So, amongst the entire nature, in all seven planes of manifestation, may there be peace, especially, in the lower three planes. Beyond this manifestation there is anyway shanti always.

9. “Sarvam Shanti Hi”

Pervading everywhere and everything is shanti.

10. “Shantireva Shanti Hi”

Only only shanti pervading everywhere.

11. “Saama Shantir Edhi”

May peace be established in us, (balanced ida, pingala), or in everything.

12. “OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Hi”

May shanti be established in all the three lower realms of AUM, the Physical, Emotional and Mental, as peace is already pervading in all the higher planes of Intuitional, Atmic, Anupada and Adi, constituting the state of Turiya. Additionally, may we achieve peace even in the discomfort sensed in known circumstances, or uneasiness arising in unknown situations and attain peace when disturbed within. Let there be shanti within and everywhere! The practice of forgiveness can be used to gain shanti in all sorts of situations.

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