Ulhasnagar: Fishes to save Ulhas river from getting polluted; locals release over 20,000 fishes

Ulhasnagar: Locals from Ulhasnagar along with non-government organisations have released fish in Ulhas river to save it from pollution. Saguna Rural foundation along with locals released 20 thousand grass carp and silver carp fishes across the river on Sunday. The fish are brought from Calcutta only to clean polluted Ulhas river. Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle took initiative along with Ulhas Nadi Bachav kruti Samiti to solve Ulhas river water hyacinth problem.

To start with this project the first attempt was made on Sunday April 4. In the early morning at Rayate bridge 20,000 fishes were released in the Ulhas river. "These fishes will eat the small baby plants of water hyacinth and lettuce and keep the river clean. These fishes will also become a good source of fishing for the local fishermen. Hence, it will help in conservation of Ulhas river from invasive water weed species such as water hyacinth and water lettuce," said Chandrashekhar Bhadavavle, Founder of Saguna Rural Foundation who accompanied the locals and brought the fishes.

Bhadavavle further added the campaign had more than 70 people including locals and NGO members who started the drive with slogan save Ulhas river. "The fishes were brought from Calcutta and it cost Rs 3 to Rs 5 per fish. We found an impact in Aurangabad, so accordingly we attempted in Ulhas river. We will see an impact by November, as it atleast take six months," added Bhadavavle.

Ulhasnagar: Fishes to save Ulhas river from getting polluted; locals release over 20,000 fishes

Ashwin Bhoir 45, an activist who join the campaign on Sunday said, "Releasing fishes in Ulhas river is one of the different project or campaign we take place to keep the water clean. We as a team on sunday visit the river to clean the water plants that grow in the river. Many activists keep complaining about the pollution carried out by garments and chemical factories release pollutant water in the river. Any action last for a month and again the same pollution repeats. Hence, we come up with different initiative to keep the river clean," added Bhoir.

Ulhas river is the longest river in Konkan. It flows through Pune, Raigad and Thane districts. The total length of the river in Thane district is 60 km out of which 30 km is covered with Water hyacinth and lettuce. Because of the massive growth of water hyacinth the local fishermen of the villages, social workers, and the Guardian Minister are concerned.

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