Mumbai: 5,000 residents staying along Mithi river get waste segregation lesson

Over 5,000 residents staying along the Mithi River bank in Kurla have been encouraged to adopt waste segregation. This community action has so far helped to divert 105 tons of recyclable waste from reaching the landfills informed Earth5R founder Saurabh Gupta, which is undertaking this initiative.

Reportedly, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) had signed an MoU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with UNTIL to improve water quality of Mithi river. Wherein Earth5R is one of the partners with the MMRDA in the said project, which will take care of conducting training programs for citizens on waste-management and to reduce waste from the river.

Residents staying near the Mithi River are largely responsible for pushing waste into the river according to Earth5R.

"We do not conduct clean up programmes since it doesn't not have larger impact rather we are educating people not to throw waste and how they can do composting and segregate dry and wet waste. Also civic officials are being trained so to change their approach from problem towards solution," said Gupta.

With just training and educating citizens living near Mithi river bank, of 5,000 families 40 per cent of them have started doing organic waste composting. They managed to process 120 tons of organic waste creating 36 tons of compost having commercial value of Rs 9 lakh with overall reduction of 228 tons of carbon footprint. Also, 60 per cent of families have started doing waste segregation helping to reduce 420 tons of carbon footprint. Total 225 Tons of Organic and Dry waste was diverted from Mumbai landfills saving Rs 3,37,500 on waste management and landfilling. Interestingly, 15 per cent of the families got engaged in recycling activities with a total livelihood generation of Rs 25 lakh. With this initiative total Circular Economy created so far is Rs 43,67,986 or Euro 50,224, according to statistical data provided by the Earth5R.

Meanwhile, the Finland manufacture waste water recycling plant to be installed in Mithi river will reach Mumbai between March and April. This solar fueled customised machine, will be able to filter contaminated Mithi River water and make it potable in exchange for plastic waste.

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