The numerology of stress

The numerology of stress

Using numerology, the science of numbers, one can gauge what factors increase your stress levels and what can you do to alleviate it.

Farzana SuriUpdated: Thursday, April 08, 2021, 06:35 PM IST
The numerology of stress |

“Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.”

—Robert Eliot

Who doesn’t want to live a stress-free life? Stress dampens your joy and holds you back you from moving forward. It shifts the energy around you making it hazy like a dust storm. Using numerology, the science of numbers, one can gauge what factors increase your stress levels and what can you do to alleviate it.

The number chosen, is your psychic number i.e. the specific date you were born on.

E.g. 6 March 1974

The psychic or birth day number is 6. So, your number in the article is 6.

If your birth day is 8 Jan 1992, your number is 8.

Number 1

Ones are born leaders; assertive, independent, bold, ambitious and risk-takers. You tend to be very good at multitasking and staying busy, is important to you. When you conclude one project, you are ready for the next. This need for busy-ness may place the burden of strain on you. You are an achiever, once you set your mind on anything, you are likely to be victorious. The pressure to win is high and you tend to be petulant when you don’t. You like to have your own way. This can get in the way of your negotiating skills. You have a tendency to self-sabotage your goals, leading to frustration. Your challenge is to curb your selfishness and pride.

Your stress factors: Over-exertion, heart-related ailments, sunstroke and blood circulation.

Your stress alleviators: It’s okay to not win all the games. Find something to care about that’s bigger than you. A healthy ego and willingness to accept criticism will go a long way to maintain your peace of mind. Don’t hold back on your ideas. Take time for rest, exercise and a massage, too. Yoga is a great option. Citrus fruits, dates, raisins, lavender, honey and chamomile help in providing the balm for your stress.

Number 2

Twos are the diplomats among the numbers and, you are generally well-liked by people around you. Your friends are lucky to have you due to your innate sense of loyalty, connection and peace-making abilities. Opportunities present themselves to you, however your confidence and doubts may hold you back from taking the leap. The stress in your life comes from worrying too much about what others may think. Critical decision-making can put you in a state of anxiety, making you lose sleep or falling sick.

Your stress factors: Anxiety, anaemia, respiratory, feet related and disruptive sleep pattern or digestive system.

Your stress alleviators: Speak up. Learn to do things, independently instead of depending on people and expecting them to help you. Breathwork and flower essences will calm your inner chaos. Consume a lot of water and water-based fruits and vegetables, e.g. cucumber, melons, cabbage, flax, elaichi and bananas. Stay away from unnecessary conflicts that cause you emotional pain.

Number 3

You light the fire of fun, optimism and charm wherever you go. You dislike being bound by routine and are excited about having your hands in many pies. You tend to be excessive in your eating habits, overcommitment and overextending yourself. With the result you may at times experience the stress of ‘catching up’. You shoot from the hip and may rankle people with your bluntness and hurt close relationships. You doubt your own potential and have inner wars on ‘are you good enough’.

Your stress factors: Chest, lungs, throat, diabetes, fatigue, addiction and those related to the nervous system.

Your stress alleviators: Express yourself, that’s your magic potion. Prioritise – you can’t do everything. Focus on what’s important, right now. Be kind to yourself. Your inner talk of self-blame and inadequacy is untrue. Add mindfulness practices and active listening to your daily life., you may be unknowingly hard on others and yourself. Apple, figs, grapes, olives, mint, almond, wheat and probiotic in your diet will help you, considerably. Include an exercise routine to boost your metabolism.


Number 4

You portray the energy of a ‘stabiliser’. You are practical, responsible, patient, realistic and hardworking. Your family is your world. Your highest goal is to keep them financially secure and have the foresight to see the bigger picture. You prefer structure and anything that disrupts it, rankles your equilibrium. You dislike being told what to do. You operate with set ideals and expect people to live according to your standards. You express your love by trying to control those you love.

Your stress factors: Aloneness, anaemia, migraine, back, knees and blood related ailments.

Your stress alleviators: Learn to share your feelings instead of bottling it up. Communicate and share your inner feelings. Having a mentor or writing a journal is equally, helpful. Importantly, delegate, you do not have to do it all, yourself. Inculcate a hobby. Walks in the park or on the waterfront will be enormously calming. Consume spinach, beetroot, leafy vegetables, carrots, apple and herbal teas to build immunity.

Number 5

You are the curious adventurer – intellectual, versatile, playful and imaginative. You feel trapped in monotony and routine. You enjoy living in the moment and your ability to be flexible is an asset. You are unconventional and a natural entertainer. People love milling around you. The need for speed and inability to say ‘no’ may put you in sticky situations that are uncomfortable, stressful and difficult to wriggle out of. The need for ‘new’ may cause restlessness and unhappiness.

Your stress factors: Over-indulgence, temper, obesity, speech, nervous system and insomnia.

Your stress alleviators: Structure and routine help from time to time; winging it may not be a solution to every problem. Be mindful of your speech, your bluntness and sarcasm may strain valuable relationships. Balance and moderation in eating and socialising will have a positive impact on your health. Add new fitness routines to inspire you to be engaged with your health goals. Mushrooms, nuts, carrots, leafy vegetables provide the perfect antidote for any over-indulgence.


Number 6

You are a ‘mother’ of numbers. You are the epitome of love, compassion, care and responsibility. You are also known for your excellent aesthetic sensibilities and are a connoisseur of the good things in life. You cherish your independence. People flock to you for advice however, you tend to get too involved in other people’s issues, to the point of interference. Your need for perfection from yourself and others is a constant stress inducer. Your biggest fear is that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Your stress factors: Fever, diabetes, ulcers, respiratory and those related to the sexual organs.

Your stress alleviators: Learn to relax, you don’t have to be Hercules and take on the burden of the world. Go slow on the need for perfection. It’s your biggest cause for stress. Focus on what’s important – speed or creating Mona Lisa? Practice stepping back instead of being emotionally invested in people’s issues. Caretakers also need to be taken care of. Reach out for support from time to time. Include beans, walnuts, figs, pomegranates and leafy vegetables in your diet. Practice mindful mediation.

Number 7

You are a knowledge seeker, spiritual, intuitive, non-conformist and philosophical. You communicate with people from a higher mantle and may be perceived as aloof and uncaring. Not many know the rebel within you. You, prefer your company however, too much of that may isolate you, adversely affecting relationships that matter to you so you tend to do what others expect from you. You swing between hoarding and uncaring about money. You are an empath and feel overwhelmed with the pain of others. You worry too much and the overthinking may lead to meltdowns or excessive moodiness.

Your stress factors: Respiratory, melancholia, allergies, anger issues, digestive and being injury/surgery prone.

Your stress alleviators: Create ‘me-time’ or schedule time for ‘self-love’. Learn to detach your emotions especially in critical decisions. Share your knowledge. Keep a tab on that negative ego. Stay close to a water body, it has a super zen-like effect for your mind and soul. A good way to protect your energy is through chakra meditations. Adding Vitamin D & E to your diet helps your immune system. Include mushrooms, water-based fruits and vegetables like cucumber & melons, green tea and flax seeds.

Number 8

You are single-minded, goal-driven and an ambitiously, independent personality. You have the ability to inspire people and love being the boss person. With your tough childhood experiences, you carry the baggage of the past and may measure people with that yardstick. You are a risktaker and workaholic. Justice and balance are what you are known for and any situation that compromises it can be a painful.

Your stress factors: Legs, heart, blood circulation, headaches, digestive and dental.

Your stress alleviators: The need for control and victory in everything, places you under tremendous pressure - learn to let go. Don’t be so serious! Add dollops of humour to your conversation and laugh. Focus on yourself, work on delegating instead of doing it all by yourself. Be kind and in acceptance of those you care about. Balance the home and work - overdoing any of the two, may hamper the peace. Add fresh vegetables, nuts, chamomile, herbs, apples and pears to your diet. Try ‘yoga nidra’ meditation, it has a calming effect on those hyperactive nerves.

Number 9

You are the idealist. Ardently, passionate, generous, assertive, benevolent and warrior defines you best. You take care of the needs of all around you and enjoy being all things to all people. You visualise yourself as a warrior or saviour. You have the strength to cope with any setbacks you encounter. You are a heart person and intensely emotional. You do not take deception and injustice, lightly. You seek new experiences and change is a part of your life. You love the good life, a bit too much and live beyond your means.

Your stress factors: Blood circulation, injury/surgery prone, sinus, backpain and headaches.

Your stress alleviators: Keep a lid on that temper, it can only create chaos and distress. Set aside your ego, and share your inner feelings, people are not mind readers. Self-care and self-love are important as much as being there for others is, too. Practice gratitude. Let go and forgive for your peace. Calming techniques of tai-chi and qigong will be stress relieving. Include kiwi, grapefruit, pumpkin, garlic and pepper in your diet.


Change is a part of life and uncertainty is the only constant. It is a wake-up call for self-awareness in the face of the uncomfortable reality of life. What you give attention to, increases manifold. In times of stress-inducing situations, identify the cause, focus on the good around you and resolve and learn to cope with it better. While none of us can, truly be rid of stress, it is critical to navigate through it and learn to rise above.

Wish you victory over any stress you encounter. May life be peaceful with great health and abundant joy.

Disclaimer: This is a broad analysis. On a personal level, your experiences may differ based on other numerological numbers in your personal chart. For a personal consultation, write to or visit


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