Fashion for a cause: Fashion designer Rohit Verma speaks about his new collection

Rohit Verma is a known face to most but beyond his flambouyant personality and motormouth is a heart that hopes for change. The talented designer turned messiah for slum girls recently. The fashion designer launched his new work, which is inspired by the slums of Mumbai. The designer has given many new models the opportunity to adorn his designs and showcase their talent through his work. Now, in an effort to bridge the gap between lower and higher class, he has given a new face the opportunity to wear his designs. Actor Kashmera Shah is the face of his new collection alongside Donal. What more? Rohit has decided that 25 per cent of the amount from his Sonagachi collection, will be donated to aid education of sex workers. Clearly there is more to him than meets the eye, so we decided to ask him to shed the mask and tell us all…

What makes Sonagachi special and personal for you?

Sonagachi should be special and personal to all, not just me. That’s my belief. The fact is that one can no longer ignore the plight of a woman in this world. The ugly truth is that even if a woman wants to make a living, for most circumstances don’t permit. My hope is to change that…

What was biggest challenge in getting this together?

I would say the biggest challenge was to get the feel and soul of the people living in Sonagachi. I did to not want to lack the spirit and reality of the place, I hope I did justice to it.

Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma

Why take your collection to the sex workers?

Let’s face this, this is the area no one wants to talk about. People like to think they are above it, when all that they are doing is insist on keeping it under covers. Prostitutes are a significant part of the society, but people just see the redlight areas as a place to satisfy their carnal desires. What about basic human rights?

There sure must have been a trigger that stimulated your thoughts towards this particular section of society. Can you share what that was…

I have a soft corner for those who are ostracised by the so-called society on one platform or the other. I never thought it was fair for a few to make it impossible for another person to live and fend for themselves. It has been a trigger for as long as I can remember…

Who has been your greatest inspiration in your line of work?

It might sound like a quote but truly, my greatest inspiration has been my own life. My experiences of struggle, hardship and fighting for my place in this world has made me who I am today. Believe me, it has not been a cakewalk but heck, I can catwalk to it today!

One of the toughest things in life is to overcome criticism. How do you manage that?

Why does criticism have to be tough? I take it most positively. Criticism has always propelled me to become better and work harder.

So what do we expect next from Rohit Verma?

The unexpected, of course! I am unstoppable and the world is my inspiration so just wait and watch out for Rohit Verma…

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