Updated on: Friday, September 24, 2021, 11:59 AM IST

Doc Destiny: Learn about Libras


Since the month of Libra has begun (Sep 21 to Oct 20), in today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the 7th zodiac sign and the unique qualities, characteristics of individuals who are born between September 21 to October 20, that is the Librans. So, if you are a Libran or someone in your life is, then read on as we are going to shed light on some of the lesser-known facts and traits of the Librans and find out what makes them stand out…

Date: September 21 – October 20

Ruling planet: Venus

Natural house: Seventh

Quality: Cardinal

Keywords: Relationship, harmony, partnership, co-operation, diplomatic, conciliation, perfectionist, indecisive, compromise, insincerity, judgment, adjustment, adaptation, vacillating, frivolous, peaceable, congenial, aesthetic, and determined.

Appearance: It’s an attractive face, with good bone structure and a clear gaze. Libran hair is typically long and wavy, whereas the curvy body is more likely to be short. This sign opts for luxurious fabrics, keeping an eye on colour coordination. But if Libra wore sackcloth, the effect would still be pleasing.

Personality: Often cited as the most balanced sign of the zodiac, this isn’t necessarily the case. Libra is a vacillating personality that can swing wildly between extremes or sit on the fence. As such, this outwardly charming and sociable character may be a people-pleaser who prefers harmony to truth, and, who is not above lying and manipulating to keep life the way this sign wants it. Libra may adapt, adjust and compromise to keep everyone happy, but underneath this character is tough. A relationship is crucial to Libra, who feels incomplete when alone. This personality does everything possible to attract a partner.

Likes: Peace, harmony, a pleasing environment and arts.

Dislikes: Hassle, arguments and differences of opinion.

As a parent: A Libran parent enjoys playing with his or her children, provided the games don’t involve confrontation. This is a parent who disciplines through kindness rather than strict rules. Nevertheless, the Libran desire for perfection can result in exacting standards, especially where academic work is concerned.

As a child: Libra as a child quickly learns to please people and mediate in disputes. This winsome individual needs to be steered gently through life. People-orientated, this child learns best in a sociable environment where the emphasis is on cooperation rather than competition, and where a love of learning and arts is encouraged.

Career: Libra’s excellent taste and love of aesthetics point towards a career as an interior or set designer, graphic artist, image consultant, beautician, dress designer, personal shopping consultant, art dealer, or anything in the music business. Looking so good, Libra may be a model. A reputation for diplomacy and fairness suggests judge or lawyer, diplomat, welfare worker, conciliator, management consultant, dating agency employee, property valuer, or negotiator. Libra may also find professional satisfaction as a veterinarian, hairdresser, sex therapist or airline steward.

Leisure activities: Libra is into pair-oriented sports such as racquet games or dancing. Tai chi and swimming also appeal to them, Libra enjoys designing and making beautiful clothes and enhancing home, garden, etc. Quiet activities such as painting, photography, reading, and listening to music are appropriate, and attending art exhibitions, shopping, going to the cinema, concerts, and nightclubs all offer this sociable sign an outlet.

Suitable gift ideas: Having exquisite taste, Libra is repelled by cheap or tasteless gifts. With such exacting standards to meet, the safest present may be a gift voucher from somewhere truly exclusive.

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Published on: Friday, September 24, 2021, 11:59 AM IST