Doc Destiny: Decoding the Great Conjunction of 2020

While the two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn are having a ‘close’ meeting up in the sky, creating a phenomenon called the ‘Great Conjunction’, in today’s special column, we will try to understand through Numerology the significance of the celestial event, today’s date and how it’s going to impact us…

21/12 is a reversal date with both numbers back-to-back. The cusp as per Numerology is established on the 21st of every month. Zodiac sign Sagittarius finishes on 21st December by 12 noon and it’s ruling planet is Jupiter, which represents Number 3. Zodiac sign Capricorn starts post 12 noon of 21st of December, the zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn, which represents Number 8.

Just like one planet is existing (Jupiter) and one is entering (Saturn) they will overlap and conjure at these specific dates/ days. Jupiter- Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years the last one was in the year 2000. After 1623, the great conjunction is taking place now in 2020. This will be easily visible and exceedingly noticeable as two bright objects near each other.

The impact of conjunction:

22 December, the longest night or solstice day. The double 2 also represents the last eventful date of 2020. Many changes are expected after these dates as we step into 2021(5- ruled by Mercury. Uranus ruled by number 4 (2020) is the only planet that’s moved in the opposite orbitary hence all the turmoil and changes in 2020 but from today we stop into a favourable planetary position of Mercury.

All the health issues triggered by the virus will seem to eradicate and better. The planet will appear greener, cleaner and full of life and energy. All closed business profiles and ventures will re-open and start again. These dates are a closure of the negatives and opening into positives. Good times are around the corner.

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