Doc Destiny: Decoding last days of June

June 25: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 5, Mercury. The moon is neutral towards mercury and mercury and mercury is the enemy of the moon. This creates a strange relationship. Although this number brings luck. This number gives them a fluctuating nature. This combination makes a person dreamy, moody, imaginative, artistic and philosophical. They are unlucky when it comes to love life, but obtain financial gains in marriage. They are advised to avoid risky ventures. Like a typical Number 7 (2+5), they have psychic abilities and can be writers.

June 26: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon Number 6, Venus. This makes the person dependent on others. They are ruled by Saturn and are considered to be materialists. They face opposition in their early life. They should be careful while choosing their life partner. Such individuals excel and reach the top position later in life. They are hardworking and stubborn. Like a typical number 8 (2+6) they face problems and difficulties.

June 27: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 7, Ketu. Such individuals take new initiatives. They love people and are devoted to their families or workplace. They are emotional and intuitive. They develop stability and become successful. These people become independent, develop free will and perform all jobs successfully. They are very focused, make good plans and achieve their goals. This combination pg Number 2 and 7 makes the person commanding and authoritative. Like a typical Number 9 (2+7), they are focused and get what they want to achieve in life.

June 28: This is the combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 8, Saturn. This number denotes struggles. People born on this date face many obstacles and opposition. But this combination sometimes brings success. The success comes when the native turns 28. These people are gentle, authoritative and commanding. They gain cooperation and help from superiors and subordinates. They are tough fighters who always win. They advocate justice for the downtrodden. They are philosophical, spiritual and holistic in their approach.

June 29: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 9, Mars. It brings a lot of insecurity and uncertainty in life. These people achieve success and rise to high positions. However, their personal life, especially their married life, is not happy. The Number 2 makes them sentimental and Number 9 makes them dominating. With help and cooperation this individual can make progress. such a person can get involved with wrong people and does not lead ethical and moral lives. They should marry early as late marriage brings mental tension and unhappiness.

June 30: This is a combination of Number 3, Jupiter and Number 0, infinity. The power of Number 3 gets slowed down to zero. Their progress is slow and such individuals have to work hard to be successful and earn money. They may start many projects and leave them incomplete. The influence of zero makes them waste energy and leaves jobs undone. They are thinkers and formulate policies of their own. They have to struggle a lot in their early lives but they excel slowly. They advocate universal love and brotherhood. They should avoid being selfish and work for the welfare of mankind.

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