In Pics: 7 Must-Visit Places In Jalgaon In 2024

By: Rahul M | April 25, 2024

Patna Devi is a religious place of Hindu devotees. The spiritual spot is also a tourist destination surrounded by hills and greenery.


Parola Fort is another tourist spot in Jalgaon. The place is dedicated to Shri Balaji


Waghur Dam is located on the Waghur river in Jalgaon. The place is another beautiful spot in Maharashtra.


Yewal Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many animals like Bengal Tiger, wild dogs, leopards and much more. The serene place is full of natural biodiversity

Maharashtra Bhraman

Padmalaya Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. It is considered one of the peeths of the Lord Ganpati.


Shree Manudevi is one of the most beautiful places in Jalgaon. The place is also known for its cleanliness and natural beauty.

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The Swinging Tower is an ancient historical monument known for its magnificent architecture and famous for its swings.