Doc Destiny: Understanding the upcoming days in June 2021

In today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the upcoming days and dates of the June month and learn about the positive and negative influences these dates and their ruling planets make on their natives, who are born on a particular date.

June 18: This is a combination of Number 1 – Sun and Number 8 – Saturn which makes them face strong opposition, inner conflicts, and obstacles. They are tough fighters and survive difficult circumstances. They meet challenges and face adverse situations. They get good guidance. They can prosper and rise to a high position. If they move towards spirituality, they can make history.

June 19: This is a combination of Number 1 – Sun and Number 9 – Mars. Which makes them very lucky. These people are full of enthusiasm, happiness and achieve success in every field. They are honoured and are blessed with good name and fame. They meet challenges and almost always win. However, a typical number 1 (1+9) makes them obstinate, short-tempered, and egoist. They enjoy very high status and are materially successful. They are helpful, cooperative, and generous. They are more fortunate than those born on the 1st, 10th and 19th.

June 20: This is a combination of Number 2 – Moon and Number 0, Infinity. These people are impatient, nervous, shy, dependent, and quick changing. The Number 0 makes them responsible for this behaviour. They are tender, emotional, loving, and caring. They do not get rewarded and appreciated for their effort and loving care. They experience delays in their projects and suffer from anxiety and disgust. Their married life may not be very successful. They turn towards spirituality.

June 21: This is a combination of Number 2 – Moon and Number 1, Sun. This number is more influenced by the moon as the Number starts with 2. This makes them gentle, shy, and less confident. Number 1 makes them powerful and successful. Like typical number 3 (2+1) They love people and become popular in society. They are able to overcome difficulties and establish themselves in their jobs successfully. They can work as arbitrators and diplomats. If they develop patience they can become fortunate and make steady progress.

June 22: This Is a combination of Number 2 plus Number 2, two moons. They are strongly influenced by number 2 and yet carry all the qualities of Number 4. They are nervous, shy, and different. They can become obstinate and are considered difficult people by their friends and relatives. They have to suffer separation from their families and many of them remarry. This number considered mystical by many. They are considered specialists and execute their jobs efficiently. They go to the depth of whatever they do and are perfectionists. Like typical Number 4 (2+2) they have to struggle very hard in life and face a lot of obstacles and difficulties. They may face a break in their studies. They are kind-hearted and do social work.

June 23: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 3, Jupiter, and is a number of success. Such people are intelligent, hardworking, well-informed, and interested in learning everything. They reach heights in their profession and also become very popular. Like a typical number 5 (2+3) they are benefitted by members of the opposite sex and are helped by people of higher positions. They experience prosperity and promote new ideas. They achieve name and fame and such individuals are loved by all.

June 24: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon, and Number 4, Rahu and is considered to be the lucky number. Such people undergo change very often. They are very influential, sincere, and helpful. They are strong, persistent, and always succeed in whatever they undertake. They get help from people in powerful positions. They are loved by all. They become successful and materially prosperous. Like a typical number 6 (2+4) they get a lot of popularity and enjoy a good life. They are gentle and helpful and get benefits from people of opposite sex.

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