Doc Destiny: Take note, if it's your birthday today

Today’s date being May 28, in today’s column, we will understand the significance of two major planets, Moon – Which is the ruling planet of number 2 and Saturn – Which is the ruling planet of number 8. And if we break down the number 28, ultimately, what we will get is number 1 (2+8 = 10, 1+0 = 1). Hence, the number 28 also has an association with the Sun as number 1 is ruled by the hot star.

People who are born on the 28th of any month tend to have contradictory characteristics, thanks to the combination of Sun, Moon and Saturn. Such individuals will sometimes be very shy and timid and sometimes they will show their bold and angry avatar. They are found to be creative and artistic. The Moon makes them sensitive and emotional and the Sun makes them dynamic, powerful and goal-oriented. Their contradictory characteristics often make others confused and it becomes hard for others to understand them.

Number 8, which is ruled by the planet Saturn, gives them everything in life, but after delays, obstacles and difficulties. Those who have an association with Number 8 tend to be powerful, good, positive, kind and generous. They believe in karma.

Birth Number 28: This is a combination of 2: Moon and 8: Saturn. It is a number that denotes struggles. People who are born on this date face a lot of obstacles and opposition. Surprisingly, this number also brings success. They face struggles and take challenges head-on; they conquer oppositions and ultimately win. Such individuals are gentle, authoritative and commanding. They are obstinate and tough fighters who always win. They advocate justice for the downtrodden. They are philosophical, spiritual and holistic in their approach. They know how to balance material and spiritual life.

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