WHOLESALE MART: 15% trade has withered permanently in Indore

The traders are optimistic with the upcoming festival season.

Manish Upadhyay | Updated on: Friday, October 16, 2020, 12:10 AM IST


Indore: The nightmarish lockdown that was imposed owing to Covid-19 pandemic has withered about 15% of the wholesale trade of the city, sadly permanently.

Though the administration along with the police and the credible medical fraternity managed to keep the Covid menace in leash, but the extreme lockdown, which was also required to save the city, has had a telling impression on the trade scene.

Due to the highest number of volume of trade in the State, the city is considered as the financial capital of the state and a major trade hub of Madhya Pradesh and some parts of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP and Chhattisgarh.

‘The strict lock-down compelled traders of the other cities to
find out alternate source to meet their demands. This tendency has cut
down 30% of the wholesale trade here. However, fortunately, owing to the
facility of availing lumpsum credit period, as many as 15% trade has
resumed or rathered limped back to normalcy but 15% trade has been sucked into the Covid blackhole,” said a prominent trader.

The traders are optimistic with the upcoming festival season. They
believe that bonanzas and sops announced by the Union Finance Minister will result in creating a boost to the market.

Customers ready to pay more for Indigenous goods

PM Narendra Modi’s clarion Aatmanirbhar call has been taken seriously by the conscious buyer of the city, as a result the demand for locally made items has made a mark in the audit books. Also, following the corona outbreak, the use of digital payment has registered dizzy heights. It has been noticed that consumers have preferred this mode of payment extensively.


Retail traders of other cities have now found other sources to meet their requirement. However, the local traders are optimistic and hope to regain some of the losses they incurred during the lockdown in the forthcoming festival season.

-Sushil Sureka, Geneal Secretary, Ahilya Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

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Published on: Friday, October 16, 2020, 05:00 AM IST