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Ujjain: The shortage of Remdesivir injections is costing patients dear in the city.

According to sources, one Devkaran (50), posted as a typist in the Ujjain office of MP Housing Construction Board, died on Tuesday due to non-availability of Remdesivir injection at the Government Charak Hospital.

His colleagues said with their relentless efforts they admitted him to the hospital, but the hospital management failed to provide him either oxygen or Remdesivir injection despite repeated requests.

Even the patients with severe infections are not getting the Remdesivir injections.

The tall claims of the government about the availability of Remdesivir fell flat in Ujjain.

The government and babus in Bhopal are continuously propagating that the government and administration is sensitive towards the need of the corona patients and that Remdsivir is being made available to serious patients. But the reality is drastically grim.

The kin of corona patients coming to Ujjain city are a concerned lot as there is no one to tell them as to from where and how to acquire Remdesivir injections.

The patients admitted to the hospital are given a slip that mentions that Remdesivir is required for their patient.

The members of the family carrying such slips are knocking at the doors of influential leaders and officials with, to no avail.

Meanwhile, some black marketeers of Remdesivir injections have been caught but beyond such window-dressing, the district administration is mum about the availability of the crucial drug.

On April 24, the local administration issued a bulletin sharing information about the availability of Remdesivir at various hospitals, but no such information has been shared with the media persons since then.

No seems to be in the knowhow of how many Remdesivir injections are required in the city and/or in the district, their availability and their consumption.

Public representatives have also maintained a deafening silence regarding the availability of Remedesivir injections.

Amid this hour of crisis as the second wave of the corona is wreaking havoc across the district the people need their representatives the most. But the public representatives are not ready to part with any information on such a critical issue.

Worse, the arrival and distribution of Remdesivir across the district remain shrouded in mystery. Nobody seems to be aware as to when the life-saving injection arrives in the district and when it gets distributed.

Babus and politicians seem to be enjoying the show from a distance, while the people are witnessing the deaths of their loved ones in droves, said a victim of information deficit over Remdesivir injections.

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