MP Update: Protest Continues Against Hit-And-Run Law

MP Update: Protest Continues Against Hit-And-Run Law

The vehicular standstill caused a tailback spanning kilometers towards both Indore and Rajgarh, inconveniencing commuters.

FP News ServiceUpdated: Tuesday, January 02, 2024, 09:43 PM IST

In Amzhera, truck drivers block Indore-Ahmedabad road

Amzhera: With the nationwide transportation strike entering its second day on Tuesday, truck drivers blocked Indore-Ahmedabad four-lane road at Mangod gate. The three-day strike was launched by truck, bus, and tanker drivers to protest against the stringent jail and fine regulations under Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) for hit-and-run cases.

The vehicular standstill caused a tailback spanning kilometers towards both Indore and Rajgarh, inconveniencing commuters. On being informed, SDOP Aashutosh Patel, naib tehsildar Pankaj Yadav, station in-charge Sanjay Singh Bais, and others rushed spot to persuade truck drivers to lift the blockade. Police cleared the road blockade and the movement of vehicles started again.

However, the ongoing protest resulted in the disruption of passenger bus services for the second consecutive day, significantly impacting daily commuters, patients in need of medical attention, and local businesses.

As per Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS), which replaced the Indian Penal Code, drivers who cause a serious road accident by negligent driving and run away without informing the police or any official from the administration can face punishment of up to 10 years or a fine of Rs 7 lakh. Earlier, the punishment in such cases was two years in the IPC.

Strike paralyses town, triggers fuel shortage

Badnawar: The ongoing strike by drivers has plunged the town into a state of standstill. Petrol pumps in many places are either already dry or are on the verge of running out of fuel because of the strike by drivers who are protesting against the hit-and-run provision of the new penal law.

The roads remained deserted, mainly with a few small four-wheeler vehicles and a limited number of loading vehicles navigating the streets. With many petrol pumps forced to shut down due to depleted fuel reserves, motorcycle riders find themselves stranded without petrol or diesel.

Once vibrant grain and vegetable markets, typically bustling with round-the-clock activity, now wear a deserted look. Contrary to the previous day, there have been no reports of road blockades by striking truck drivers.

Police vigilance has beefed up, leading to the absence of disruptions along the four-lane roads. Adding to the challenge, the cold wave has contributed to fog, reducing visibility for drivers on the roads. Motorists were urged to exercise extreme caution due to limited visibility beyond short distances.

SP instructs pump operators for uninterrupted fuel supply

Khargone: Following directives of collector Karmaveer Sharma, SP along with ADM chaired a crucial meeting with the pump operators association president and members for uninterrupted fuel supply amid the ongoing strike.

District supply officer, Bharat Singh Jamre, provided essential insights into the current status of petrol and diesel distribution across the district. SP mandated that all pump operators maintain a requisite reserve stock in their respective pumps to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply.

Additionally, SP directed the pump operators to ensure the operational functionality of CCTV cameras within their premises. He stressed the installation of high-quality CCTV systems to pre-empt any untoward incidents.

SP communicated plans to dispatch a team comprising revenue, police, and food officials to address any issues arising in the district's fuel supply chain. Furthermore, he underscored the necessity for loudspeaker arrangements in case of crowds at petrol pumps to maintain order.

Pump operators were instructed to relay daily stock updates to the district food office, ensuring transparency and efficient management of fuel resources.

ASP, sub-divisional officer, (revenue) Khargone, officer-in-charge (food), deputy collector, district supply officer besides concerned officers also attended the meeting.

Collector, drivers exchange heated arguments

Shajapur: The drivers' meeting with collector Kishore Kanyal turned into a heated argument on Tuesday after one of the drivers disagreed with the collector.

Notably, protests erupted in Shajapur as the Drivers Association took to the streets on Monday to voice their protest against the new hit-and-run law. In response, collector Kanyal convened a meeting to address the concerns raised by the drivers.

During the meeting, tensions escalated when a driver, dissatisfied with the collector's communication, urged him to speak more politely. It was alleged that the collector, visibly frustrated, retorted by questioning the driver's understanding and status, emphasising that conflicts should be resolved through dialogue, not confrontation. The driver acknowledged the disagreement as a struggle but admitted to lacking a substantial standing.

Amid the collector's stern stance, a temporary silence enveloped the meeting hall. Subsequently, the driver offered an apology. The highway blockade prompted the district administration to take a firm stand, organising the meeting to persuade drivers to express their views peacefully rather than resorting to disruptive protests.

Collector Kanyal clarified that the purpose of the meeting was to counsel the drivers, expressing disappointment over one driver's inappropriate remarks, which compelled him to provide clarification.

Admin fixes quantity limits for fuel sale

Ratlam: A quantity limit has been fixed to distribute petrol and diesel from the petrol pumps from Tuesday in an order issued by the district collector Bhaskar Lakshakar.

According to official information, petrol pumps have been directed to sell petrol and diesel from the reserve stock but not beyond the quantity fixed for each vehicle. Meanwhile, long queues were seen at the petrol pumps.

The official press release said that for the facility of the common people, a limit has been fixed on the sale of petrol and diesel as under: two-wheeler vehicles Rs 500, three-wheeler Rs 500, and four-wheeler (Other than goods vehicle) vehicles Rs 1,500. This order will remain effective till further order is issued.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held by the district administration on Tuesday with the representatives of various associations and assured that the supply of essential commodities shall remain continued without any obstacle and vehicles will be provided full security.

Collector Lakshakar said that in view of the transporters' strike supplies of essential commodities have been ensured and vehicles will be provided full security.

In the meeting, SP Rahul Lodha said that any act affecting the security of the petrol, diesel, gas, and essential commodities supply vehicles will not be tolerated and the related police station in-charge has been made nodal officer.

He said that vehicles which are entangled if any in nearby districts will reach here as initiative has been taken to interact with the concerned district administration and police.


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