Updated on: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 10:53 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Sonkatch’s CHC tall claims flattened after pregnant women fail to get ambulance service at door

Expecting mother walks over 350 meter in labor pain to fetch ambulance in CHC in Sonkatch.

Sonkatch (Madhya Pradesh): During the second wave of the pandemic the significance of these primary health centre has come to the fore. The administration has been making tall claims about upgrading the same to brace for the third wave of the corona.

However, all their claims fell flat on Wednesday after the CHC at Sonkatch witnessed an inhuman scene. A pregnant woman in a labour pain had to cover 300 to 350 metre distance to avail of the ambulance even though the centre had enough space to accommodate the vehicle for the said patient. The woman was to be taken to Dewas for delivery.

A primary health centre is considered to be the first step to access basic healthcare facilities in rural India. A number of these centres are dilapidated and non-functional and community health centre at Sonkatch tehsil of Dewas district is one of such centre here. Sonkatch has a 30-bed Community Health-cum-Maternity Centre. After Dewas district headquarters, Sonkatch tehsil is said to have the biggest community health centre in the district.

The centre is close to Indore–Bhopal state highway and witnesses more than 400 footfalls at its outdoor patient department (OPD) daily with five to six deliveries daily.

However, mismanagement and shortage of staff leaves the locals in the area with no access to proper medical care. The patients are bound to approach private medical centres for treatment, which most of them cannot afford.

The local media and public representatives have been raising the issue but to no avail. Adding more woe to agony, health department are least bothered to answer.
Instance like deliveries being done under the light of the mobile torch, thanks to non-availability of generator or the troubles faced by pregnant women, are the order of the day.

Locals alleged that mismanaged parking arrangements in the health facility are creating problems for the patients coming to the hospital, but it seems like the hospital administration has turned a blind eye to it.

When contacted, hospital staff on condition of anonymity said that on Wednesday there was Covid-19 vaccination session in the hospital due to which there was a crowd in the hospital premises. People even parked their vehicles in front of the main gate. Due to such random parking, ambulance were not able to enter the hospital.

“This is problematic for everyone as the randomly parked vehicles create hindrance for the ambulance service, but the responsible authorities turned a blind eye to the resulting mess. In the afternoon, a pregnant woman had to walk till the ambulance that was parked on the road from the hospital,” staff member added.

When contacted sub-divisional officer Shivani Taretiya said, “They came to know about the problem at the CHC and directed block medical officer Dr Adarsh Naneriya to resolve generator issue as earliest”.

On non-availability of BMO at his residence, SDM added that they had forwarded a letter to Dewas chief medical and health officer and sought reply over the issue. SDM said that they already informed district headquarters about the irregularities prevailing at the health centre and waiting for reply,” SDM said.

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Published on: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 10:54 PM IST