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Jawad (Neemuch): Neemuch police is still groping in dark even 48-hour after sensational bank theft case as the culprits have not been apprehended or even identified. Though sources in the police have claimed that department is going to solve the crime soon and the manhunt for the culprits is on.

Gaping loopholes

After the daring robbery in a brought day light the bank officials have acknowledged the gaping loopholes in the security arrangements at the bank which has resulted. The bak has ended losing Rs10 lakh right under the nose of its officials and in the full view of the customers, security guard at the bank.

While District cooperative bank’s chief executive officer PN Yadav blamed the inattentive attitude of the bank officials and loopholes in security arrangements for the incident.

However, during the preliminary investigation it came to fore that the entire bank had total staff of four including a bank manager LN Meena, cashier Danish Khan, two other staff members and a security guard Ranjeet Rathore.

As per the bank manager Meena, at the time of incident bank guard along with cashier Danish Khan went to the strong room to keep Rs 25 lakh. Meanwhile, accused entered the bank and went into the cashier’s cabin took Rs 10 lakh out of Rs 25 lakh kept on the table of cashier and walked nonchalantly. All this happened within a matter of 30 to 35 seconds.

The incident

On Tuesday morning at around 11.15 am, a minor aged between 10 to 12-year old minor stole Rs 10 lakh cash from one Jawad situated cooperate bank. Incident took place in a peak hour with no bank staff or guard bothering to question him. The staff member did not have a clue about the incident even after the matter came to fore.

After incident, customers who were witnessed the entire theft were bemused about the events playing out before their eyes. They then alerted bank officials and the guard subsequently they ran outside to catch accused, but it was too late by then.

Guard pressed with work

Bank officials said that despite bank having a 131 lockers and daily transactions of Rs 40 to 50 lakh the security arrangements there were inefficient. The only guard of the bank is also pressed with other tasks so he is not able to keep a tab on everyone all the time. Post for one gunman has been sanctioned here, but it’s still vacant.

Probe team to visit branch

When contacted district cooperate bank CEO PN Yadav, who is in Mandsaur blamed the bank officials for the incident and has also issued show cause notices to them. Yadav added that investigation team will be send to Jawad and based on their finding, further course of action will be taken against them.

Local sources informed that Pardhi gang from Dewas, Dhar could be involved in the incident as such cases have also been reported in this two districts in the past. The teams of cops have been sent to different areas for further probe.

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