Indore: Expert tips for Central Board of Secondary Education class 10 exams

Make sure that all the important and relevant points are included in the answer.

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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): As the examinations are approaching, it’s the perfect time to meticulously plan strategies to face the board examination. So, here are few tips by English teacher Kuldeep Kaur Chhabra to make your journey a cakewalk.

Section A: 40 marks -MCQs

This section has seven questions

Question1- Unseen Passage -10 Marks

Question2- Unseen Passage -10 Marks

Question 3 and 4 -Extracts from literature - 5 Marks each.

Question 5, 6& 7 - MCQs from Grammar - 10 Marks

Section B: 40 Marks - (Writing & Literature)

Question 8-Letter Writing- 5 Marks

Question 9- Analytical Paragraph- 5 Marks

Question10 to 13 -Literature - 30 marks.

How to prepare for exam to score well?

*Read chapters thoroughly for at least two to three times.

*Make mind maps of the chapters for revision.

*Learn themes, sub themes and messages of the chapters.

*Practice analytical paragraph writing as it is a new concept introduced this year.

*Solve CBSE question papers of last 5 years.

*Take time bound exams for practice.

*Learn formats of letter writing.

*Use appropriate language and expression for better score.

As chapter-wise weight age is not given in English, it is suggested to read, comprehend and paraphrase poems carefully for extract-based questions.

*Focus on chapters like Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom, Bholi, Making of a Scientist, Letter to God, The Necklace, First Flight etc for theme based questions.

*Practice Analytical paragraph with pie charts, graphs and tabulated data.

Important questions

Here is a list of some important questions that would be asked as long answer questions carrying 5 marks.

· It is said ‘God can calm the storms in life’. Throw light on the immense faith Lencho had on God in the chapter ‘A Letter to God’?

· Lencho’s unshaken faith on God made him overlook humanity’. Explain with reference to the Chapter ‘A Letter to God’.

· Why the installation of South Africa’s first democratic, non-racial government is a common victory for justice, peace and human dignity?

· How has ‘loss of ball’ become instrumental in making the boy sense his first responsibility? (Poem- The Ball Poem) act

· Small things that seem simple might act as a spark to change ones course of action’. How is this evident in the poem ‘Dust of Snow’?

· The best investment in life is the investment in education. When does Hari Singh understand this fact and what has he done after realizing his mistake?

· Matilda was a lady who was never satisfied with whatever she had thus ruined her life. Elucidate in context of the chapter ‘The Necklace’?

· How did education and motivation of the teacher bring metamorphic change in Bholi’s life?

· To progress in life, one has to overcome fears and trust ones abilities. How is this justified in the story, His First Flight?

How to attempt?

The students should divide three hours wisely. Fifteen minutes given for reading paper should be used to read unseen passage and the questions that follow.

Section A (MCQ based) comprising of two unseen passages, grammar and extract from literature should be given one hour. Comprehend the passages carefully and choose the most appropriate answer. Strike out the wrong answers; this would help you reach the correct answer.

For grammar based MCQs, focus on tense and sentence structure. Literature based MCQs should take less time as the content is a known content.

Section B comprising writing and literature questions should be given one-and-a-half hours. In half hour time, letter writing and analytical paragraph should be attempted. Read the questions carefully and attempt it accordingly.

For analytical paragraph, students should interpret the given data in the form of pie chat, bar graph, line graph or tabular data. Elaborate your analysis, summarise the information reporting the main features, make relevant comparisons using words like rise, decrease, increase, drop, growth, decline, over the period, the last year, at the end of the period, level off, remain steady, hit a low of, bottom out etc. and finally give a conclusion.

Literature questions should be attempted in one hour. Make sure that all the important and relevant points are included in the answer. Long answer questions should be generalised. Further evidences, references from the chapter/ poem/ play must be given. Underline important points with pencil.

Still, you would be left with half-an-hour to revise and attempt those questions, which you were not sure of.

Kuldeep Kaur Chhabra

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Published on: Saturday, April 10, 2021, 05:35 PM IST