Official Peeing Human panned for comparing Hindutva to Christianity and Islam
Twitter Screenshot

A Twitter handle called 'Official Peeing Human' has been panned for comapring Hindutva to Christianity and Islam in a post.

"The opposite of Hinduism is not Islam. It is not Christianity. It is not Socialism. It is Hindutva," the post read.

It compared Hinduism and Hindutva on many counts. Hinduism is thousands of years old practised religion in the world while Hindutva was first proposed as a political idea in 1923 by Savarkar, read a comparison.

Another one said that Hinduism is unique in its inclusiveness whereas Hindutva is exclusive and its practitioners actively hate and fear other religions especially Islam and Christianity.

The post concluded with questioning the readers- so are you a Hindu or a Hindutvavadi?

The post was also shared by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. "An interesting, though incomplete, comparative table doing the rounds," he wrote.

The post was panned on Twitter. "By dragging Islam and Christianity into your crap Hindutva is disgusting. Don't even Dare to compare your scrap with Islam. You liberals are the psuedologues who indirectly support this selfish and bigot ideology," wrote one user.

"You say Hinduism is about inclusiveness,then oppose a law that gives Citizenship to persecuted minorities #facePalm," wrote another user.

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