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FPJ Interview: Hindus are in deep trouble in Bangladesh, says ISKCON Kolkata VP Radharaman Das

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Kolkata: The violence in Bangladesh against the Hindus is increased on Monday during the immersion of Durga idols. Though the Bangladesh government is claiming it to be a pre-planned event, ISKCON Kolkata’s vice president Radharaman Das through the Free Press Journal that it wants to appeal to the government to take strict measures immediately so that the lives of the minorities are saved.

FPJ- Did you get any reply from the Prime Minister’s office over the Bangladesh violence?

Das- No, though we didn’t get any direct reply but we have heard that the Ministry of External Affairs are in talks with the Bangladesh administration and are working on the issue.

FPJ-Did you get in touch with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as she is very close to ISKCON?

Das- Actually this is a very sensitive International issue so we have contacted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But didi has expressed her concern over the issue and has sent us a letter.

FPJ- Bangladesh Home Minister Asadutjaman Khan claimed that the violence is a pre-planned incident. Do you think the same?

Das- The Bangladesh government is trying to curb the problem and has sent army and police to the spots and have also arrested the one who had kept the Quran on Hanuman’s idol purposely to create tension and then uploaded it on social media. Their Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and other ministers are also being vocal against the violence.

FPJ- Despite the arrest, the violence in Bangladesh is continuing.

Das- That is the main concern. The electricity, mobile networks and even internet services are suspended from Hindu areas. A 10-year-old girl was gang-raped on Sunday and she died. A devotee from Mayapur called a devotee there and the devotee from Bangladesh claimed that no women is being spared and is being raped. The Hindus are in deep trouble and helpless as many villages are also being torched.

FPJ- Any appeal that you would like to make to the Bangladesh government?

Das- The only appeal is to save the lives of Hindus and to restore mobile services so that at times of emergency people can call concerned people for help. Worldwide ISKCON family is gradually getting completely shattered as on Ashtami the Durga idol had to be immersed which never happened in the history.

FPJ- Did you get any letter from the United Nations?

Das- No we didn’t. I wrote a letter on Saturday and we still haven't received anything. Does crime stop on weekends? Another shame is no one in India including the Bollywood celebrities are coming up for the Hindus. If some other religion is harassed then everybody would have been united. The violence should stop immediately as those being attacked have also fought for Bangladesh's freedom.

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