Photo: YouTube video screengrab
Photo: YouTube video screengrab

There is a certain section of YouTubers who seem to have risen to the fore with vitriolic abuse-laden videos that rake in hundreds of fascinated viewers. We had the rather disturbing video where Shubham Mishra threatened comedian Agrima Joshua with rape, and more recently, social media celebrity Vikas Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau urged people to put the "system aside" and thrash those who makes fun of his religion or god.

Now, it would seem we have a new entrant to this concerning list of video-makers, albeit one who is on the other side of this debate. On Tuesday "#ArrestHeerKhan" was trending on social media as was the phrase "Hindu Gods". The reason being the rather abusive videos posted to YouTube by one particular user.

Who is Heer Khan and why is #ArrestHeerKhan a top trending tag on Twitter?

The person who claims to be Heer Khan is a small-scale YouTuber who airs her views on current topics in small video clips. Some of her clips have caused massive outrage over her expletive-filled comments on Hindu gods and goddesses. The handle which currently goes by the name of "Black Day 5 August" has over 10000 views on her last video, posted earlier today. Previous posts however have garnered only a few hundred viewers.

According to her YouTube account, she is located in India and had joined the video platform in January this year. According to her account details, she has garnered a total of 512,503 views.

As outraged netizens called for her arrest, many have also cited "proof" revealed through various photos and images to make claims about the identity of Khan. Businessman Arun Pudur added that she was a resident of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the Prayagraj Police, the Khuldabad Police Station was taking the necessary legal action in the case.

The outrage has since grown with many criticising the Khan's videos. Bollywood actor Payal Rohatgi even live-streamed a video on YouTube, slamming the "Islamist YouTuber" for her "abusive comments". According to the actor, the reason why people were not calling for her arrest because she belonged to a "marginal community".

Sharing one of Khan's videos, BJP State Spokesperson Gaurav Goel also urged people to report the YouTube account. "Even if @YouTube doesn't delete it, then the @Uppolice shall take legal action against the platform itself," he wrote.

But while this reporter was able to access some of the videos on her channel, at the time of writing this article, this particular clip has now been made private.

"Do It Now #ArrestHeerKhan," urged BJP leader Kapil Mishra.

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