Spill the tea with Vijayendra Kumeria: How is your favourite star in real life?
Photo: Instagram/Vijayendra Kumeria

1.One television serial you regularly watch apart from your own:
A: None.

2. Most over-the-top scene you have shot so far:
A: Breaking a pillar and freeing myself from chains like Sunny Deol.

3. One myth about the television industry that might actually be true:
A: Sometimes you need to forget logic.

4. The biggest misconception people have about TV actors.
A: That we, TV actors, are load actors. It’s not true. We are actors and actors can change their style of acting according to the medium they are working on.

5. The best and the worst thing about Indian television:
A: Best thing is that Indian television is the best source of entertainment for Indian households. Worst thing is, there is less scope for experimental shows.

6. The most bizarre piece of fake news you have read about yourself on the Internet:
A: Luckily, there is no such news circulated about me, or at least I have not come across any.

7. One trait of a character you have played you could immediately relate to:
A: Respect for my lady love...that’s relatable. Mostly, my characters have had that trait and real life, too, I respect my lady love; for that matter all the women around me.

8. One thing that TV has and OTT doesn’t and vice versa:
A: Melodrama.

9. One thing you would do if you woke up as the character you play in real life:
A: I’ll get all dressed up even if I don’t have to go out of the house, like we do in our shows. TV characters don’t wear casual clothes even at home.

10. Your most star-struck moment till date:
A: When, for the first time, I met Shah Rukh Khan. I was blown away with his charm.

11. The most filmy thing you have done in real life:
A: Honestly, nothing...In real life I am not filmy at all.

12. One secret talent you have (not related to acting):
A: I paint well...it comes naturally to me.

13. If you were a ’90s Bollywood movie, what would be your title?
A: Baazigar...Kyun ki haar ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai!

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