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Revealed! How did Aditya Seal convince Anushka Ranjan to tie the knot!

The newly married bride gets candid about her beau, their relationship, and more

On November 21, love birds Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal got married after four years of dating. In an exclusive conversation with Free Press Journal, the Batti Gul Meter Chalu actress opens up about the couple’s journey from getting to know one another, falling in love to the moment they decided to tie the knot. Excerpts:

When did you meet Aditya for the first time? How did your relationship develop? And who proposed first?

I met him at my mom’s (Anu Ranjan) event. After that, we started going out for dinners and also met in groups. For two to three months, we were in touch, and he kept insisting that he wanted to be in a relationship, but I was like, ‘Nahin nahin today’s boys don’t carry forward the relationship. They just do time pass. And I have no time for all that.’ He was insistent and really convinced me, saying he just wished to be with me forever. He is a lovely person. I have never met a person like him who speaks less but believes in action and does a lot. In these four beautiful years, we travelled a lot and learned many things from each other. Through the pandemic and his father’s passing away, we were very strong. So having shared all of this, we realised what else do we need in a relationship.

What qualities did he like in you? Are you satisfied with his qualities?

I think I got more than what I was expecting in the qualities of a man. With such good looking boys, you always feel they will not be so sincere and honest in a relationship. He is hard-working and polite. Anything I would have looked for in a partner, he provides. He gets over and above to make me happy. He is a very family-oriented person. It is a big deal for me, as I am very close to my family. On a core level, we are very similar. Our upbringing is very different as he comes from a different background. Our value system is similar. That’s what works for both of us.

So what did Aditya like about you?

He really liked how independent I am. He feels happy that I am not only headstrong, but I take charge of myself. He feels he has never met a girl like me. I don’t allow anyone to make decisions for me. I’m very caring and also like to learn about people. If anyone has a problem, I try to understand their issues.


How do you look at life pre and post being girlfriend-boyfriend and now husband-wife? Was it a live-in relationship?

We were actually planning to get married much earlier, but due to lockdown, it couldn’t happen. We landed in Dubai, and as we landed, we got the news that India had gone into lockdown. NRIs had to fly back. My mother and I are American citizens, so we had to fly back immediately. We were unaware of Covid-19. After we lost uncle, we thought in a collective decision that his mom would live with us. Earlier, they wanted to live separately. We found a lovely house in my mother’s society. We never shared any live-in relationship before marriage, not even for one night. Our room got ready the day we moved in after marriage. It’s been a sad, happy, hectic, but wonderful journey together.

Where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?

We were planning to go to London for New Year’s. But since this new variant has come back, we don’t wish to take a chance. Our house is still in the stage of completion. We will travel later on, so we aren’t very excited. As a couple, we are very chilled out and usually mind our own business.


How do you look at relationships now?

Aditya and I both believe in having one partner. We don’t get easily excited. We have outgrown the thought. Eventually, human beings do evolve. But if someone is treating you well and respecting you, and despite that, you still want to search for someone better, it’s like being silly and greedy. It’s immature behaviour.

Who gives up during a tiff?

Aditya gives up. He sorts it out. Unlike poles attract… Adi is very laid back, and I have OCD. Everything has to be on time. His lazy behaviour irritates me. We are comfortable with each other and have no issues.

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Published on: Wednesday, December 01, 2021, 05:38 AM IST